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Local knowledge?

I arrived flustered, five minutes late and as I parked my moto outside the venue, I heard loud raucous cheers and excitable laughter and chatter akin to a boisterous crowd watching a heated sports match.

I entered alone, dreading the possible awkwardness of having to ask to join a group. Instead, I was greeted and welcomed into a team of lusty quizsters and easily settled into my very first experience of “The Cutting Edge of Ignorance”, otherwise known as quiz night at The Local 2

The quiz reflects the feeling of the bar: a group effort where everyone is embraced and gets along. It’s the quiz you can go to if you’re no good at quizzes, rather than the usual show off, solemn brain flex where the level of difficulty is quite high.

“This is a quiz for the rest of us,” smiles Kamala Hood, the venue’s owner. “We want to appeal to the oddball element and to subvert the general knowledge quiz format where you don’t have to be one kind of smart to win.”

Tucker Baldwin is the master of ceremonies and it’s his likeable cross-eyed charm and witty repartee that keeps the rhythm of the night rowdy, upbeat and buoyant. He creates the kind of atmosphere where everyone in the room has some kind of stake in what’s going on; even wrong answers – if they’re funny – earn the whole team a warmly received round of shots.

I even learn a new sexual position (the rusty trombone – who knew?). The questions were pretty eclectic and from all eras, intentionally appealing to all generations: a smart move with the18-60-something demograph that shows up weekly. Tucker’s admirable control of the room is an amusing pleasure to experience. “Being an American, I’m loaded with trivia” he says. The feel good factor is contagious: the winning team bags the cash prize and the team with the lowest score gets a satisfying plate of piping hot onion rings.

On Tuesday at 6pm sees a special Cambodia Pride quiz at The Local 2. A new quiz night opens the following Tuesday at the newly restored The Local near the Russian Market.



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