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Phnom Penh picks: The city’s tastiest ice creams and sorbets

Blue Pumpkin is always a crowd pleaser, but, as the days get hotter, where are the other best ice creams in town?

The delicious (and highly alcoholic) mojito sorbet from Doors.
The delicious (and highly alcoholic) mojito sorbet from Doors. Charlotte Pert

Mojito sorbet at Doors
With sprigs of mint, not too much sugar and a very generous quantity of rum, the mojito at Doors ($6) would be more than drinkable on its own. The addition of a chunk of lime sorbet, however, is a simple and magic thing, serving as an icy counterpart to the strong booze. As you sip, the sorbet gets softer and softer before finally melting into a sweet and sticky dew on the surface of the martini glass.
Doors, corner of Street 84 and Street 87. 7am – 12 midnight.

The lime and pepper sorbet at Romdeng.
The lime and pepper sorbet at Romdeng. Charlotte Pert

Kampot pepper and lime sorbet at Romdeng
Incorporating the iconic flavours of Kampot pepper and lime in this surprising sorbet made by new Phnom Penh Belgium ice cream and sorbet manufacturer LyLy Cream, Romdeng offers a uniquely tasty dessert option that is quintessentially Cambodian. Surprisingly sweet, the initial taste experience is dominated by tangy lime flavours with the pepper providing a warm zesty afterglow. A refreshing and delicious treat, perfect for Cambodia’s hot climate ($1.75 for one scoop or $3 for two).
Romdeng, #74, Street 174. Monday – Sunday, 11:30am – 10:30pm

The story of fire and ice. Fried ice cream at Wild Wing.
The story of fire and ice. Fried ice cream at Wild Wing. Charlotte Pert

Fried ice cream at Wild Wing
Putting ice cream on the frying pan seems counter-intuitive, but it makes for a tasty dessert. Wild Wing wraps ice cream frozen rock solid in a sweet bun before briefly frying it. The result is a hot pastry with a cold centre. Diners get to choose chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream, and can choose chocolate syrup or honey to be dripped on top.
# 49, Street 294. 11am-10pm

Earl Grey at Bubble Tea Shop
Mervin, the American owner of this less-than-a-month-old Toul Sleng eatery, makes his own ice-cream from scratch and experiments with some unique flavours. The small but expanding menu includes Earl Grey, Mocha Cardamom, Blueberry Cheesecake and Salted Caramel. Locally grown ingredients are used and the results look and taste incredible.
#70 Street 113.

Joma’s creamy banana split.
Joma’s creamy banana split. Charlotte Pert

Banana split at Joma
New Laotian chain Joma opened up to Cambodia on Norodom Boulevard just a few months ago, specialising in fair-trade coffee and baked goods. Its desserts are also worth mentioning. The banana split, at $3.90, is a wonderful combination of a whole banana and three scoops of ice cream. A choice of either chocolate or caramel sauce is poured over the top, as well as sprinklings of toasted almonds and, for added decoration, a cherry. If that’s too much of an ice-cream overload, the cafe is currently offering a deal whereby anybody who spends more than $3 after 4pm gets a free scoop of ice cream.
Joma Café, corner of Street 294 and Norodom Boulevard. Open Monday – Sunday, 7am – 9pm. Joma is also now open on the corner of Street 337 and Street 528 in Toul Kork.

The Oreo cookies and cream sundae at Swensen’s.
The Oreo cookies and cream sundae at Swensen’s. Charlotte Pert

Chocolate fantasies at Swensen’s
Chocaholic? Swensen’s should have what you’re looking for. For $3.80 each, the chain offers a range of Chocolate Fantasy options featuring famous chocolate brands: Oreo Cookies and Cream, Snickachoc (using Snickers), Frosted Choc Malt Fantasy (Maltesers), and Sticky Chewy Choc Fantasy. The ice cream parlour also sells a range of other treats, including sundaes and fondues.
Swensen’s, Sorya Mall, #11-13 Preah Trasak Paem.



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