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Players return with Last Tango show

Players return with Last Tango show


Chhim Sreyneang/ Phnom Penh Post
The Phnom Penh Players return to the stage next weekend.

“There's only one thing that sells tickets these days: sex!” That’s the catch cry of the latest theatrical production by the Phnom Penh Players. The Last Tango in Phnom Penh is a one-act comedy that follows the antics of the fictional Phnom Penh Amateur Dramatic Society – a troupe of expat actors losing money, actors and audience members at a steady rate. The play will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel next Friday and Saturday at 7pm.

Director Brendan O’Driscoll told 7Days that the upcoming gig will mark the first time the Players have performed during a dinner. “We’ve done the performance before, but not as a dinner theatre. We would like to see if people like the idea of having dinner alongside theatre,” he said. “It’s just to gather the expats living in Cambodia together to have fun. But we also welcome Cambodian people.”

O’Driscoll plays Gordon, the long-suffering, irascible chairman of the Am Dram club.

“It’s a scene we’re all familiar with – the dysfunctional committee with members who have sat in residence for decades with a staunch ‘We always do it that way, because we’ve always done it that way,’ attitude,” O’Driscoll said.

The three course dinner will include a free flow of beer and soft drink, traditional music, dancing and the obligatory lucky draws. Children from Aspara Arts Association will perform traditional dances.

The Phnom Penh Players is an informal group of expat actors which numbers between 20 about 40 people at any given time – some with acting experience, most without. They donate money raised from shows to struggling Cambodian arts ventures.

“All the money from ticket sales will cover the dinner, drinks and the hotel venue. The rest of the money will go to the Apsara Arts Association,” said Brendan.

Emma Triller from Germany plays Joyce, the pedantic but ambitious secretary. “This is only my second time performing with the Phnom Penh Players,” she said. “I’ve taken part in dramas, comedies and some serious plays, so I’m open for everything.”

Tickets are $30 and can be booked by calling 089 838 607 or emailing [email protected].