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Party gets lit up, but partygoer goes down
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Patient records lost in fire in commune hit with HIV outbreak
Rainsy, ex-CNRP officials form ‘Rescue Movement’
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China signs 19 new deals with Cambodia
Vietnamese government, Hun Sen seek solution on legal status
Man gets pelted with rocks by a gang of seven
Pharmacy owners’ home robbed of cash, jewellery
Shopowner has back of fellow shopowner
CCTV proves useless in Banteay Meanchey car theft
Expat threatens arson against local man
Police official arrested for assaulting fellow officer
When ignorance leaves pregnant surrogates on the wrong side of Cambodian law
High hopes meet hurdles in plan to bring arts education to every school in Cambodia
Number of plaintiffs in Empire Big Capital fraud suit up to 900
Drugs are found during routine weapons search
Phone theft victims show pity on perpetrator
Jilted lover gets revenge on her former boyfriend
Scream proves effective again in catching thief