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A general view of the National Assembly in Phnom Penh earlier this year.
Thu, 23 July 2015

Political decay in Cambodia

Some say that politics is a good thing as it could generate good policies to serve the greatest number of the population.

Mon, 13 July 2015

Why one in 25 people deserve the UN, government’s attention

“From the beginning of my time as secretary-general, I have sought to advance a practical, action-oriented vision of the UN as the voice of the voiceless and the defender of the defenceless.” – Ban Ki-moon Today, two years of work w

Tue, 7 July 2015

No law is better than a bad law

In recent weeks, hundreds of youth, men and women have peacefully taken to the streets of Phnom Penh to express their views against the NGO draft law.

Parents and their young children queue outside Phnom Penh’s Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital in 2013 to see doctors and receive treatment.
Wed, 1 July 2015

Can the AEC create a just order?

The community of ASEAN as we shall know it by the end of 2015 will be one in which differences among member states will remain as noticeable as they have been.

Hundreds of Cambodian People’s Party supporters drive through the streets of Phnom Penh
Wed, 24 June 2015

Time for cleaning up campaigns

Year 2018. The Constitutional Council has dealt with all the contentious electoral disputes.

A young child writes out his homework on the sidewalk in Phnom Penh earlier this year. As of 2014
Tue, 23 June 2015

Children left behind by MDGs

Nearly 15 years ago, the global community rallied behind eight goals in the hopes of building a better world. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set measurable targets and a 2015 deadline for achieving them.

Civil society groups and members of the public protest against the NGO law in Phnom Penh on May 1, 2011.
Tue, 2 June 2015

Cambodia’s NGO law: The principles we should agree on

In recent weeks, we witnessed a revived discussion of the controversial draft law on NGOs and associations after Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that this piece of legislation would be passed in the near future.

Dalai Lama, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi
Mon, 30 March 2015

What Pelosi can teach her Cambodian counterpart

Minority is a necessary element in a pluralistic democracy. In the parliamentary UK and the presidential US, effective minority groups help to provide the needed checks and balances to avoid abuses of power by the majority.

A protester breaks apart a statue of Lenin at a monument in his honour after it was pulled down during a protest in Kiev’s Independence Square
Mon, 30 December 2013

Lenin due for yet another fall

Carved from blood-red granite and standing outside Kiev’s famous Besarabsky Market, the statue of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, aka Lenin, was a splendid sight, and its destruction is rather tragic.

A boat passes through the Kampong Ayer water village at dusk as the Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien mosque is lit up in the city of Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei
Mon, 23 December 2013

A bridge over calmer waters

Life is a short, sharp endurance test, and then you die; but solace can come by recollecting past pleasures when, for a brief interlude, the senses are vitalised and the daily quotidian becomes tolerable.

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