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Members of media take tour of Taiwan’s Kaohsiung city

Members of media take tour of Taiwan’s Kaohsiung city

Taiwan’s Xing Fuwh Travel cooperated with the Kaohsiung city government and JC International Airline to invite media from Cambodia to visit Kaohsiung. The media mission, which took place from July 10 to July 13, started with a visit to the 85 Sky Tower next to the port of Kaohsiung and sunbeam marina. On the second day, members of the media visited the Pier-2 Art Center, which was originally a port warehouse when it was built in 1973.

Now, it is an art centre featuring a permanent exhibition. After that came a harbour cruise on a yacht to see the city’s ports, followed by a trip to the to Ten Drums Culture Village, formerly the site of a sugar company while Taiwan was under Japanese colonial rule. The tour ended in the evening with a ride along Love River in a solar-powered boat.

The next day, the media team paid a visit to Kenting National Park to see Goose Nose Light House, which is the southernmost lighthouse in Taiwan, built in the mid-19th century. Nearby, sailboats pass by a coral reef. On the final day, media paid a visit to the Fu Guang Shan Buddha Museum, which is a fusion of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign architecture and education. Photos by Chhim Sreyneang and Kaom Chanreaksmey