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Minister officially opens Khema International Policlinic

Minister officially opens Khema International Policlinic

The Khema International Policlinic was officially opened on Saturday during a ceremony presided over by Men Sam An, the Minister of National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspection.

Khema Clinic of Excellence, which is located at BKK1, uses modern materials, equipment and technologies. Its highly professional doctors are among the best in the health sector as they are well versed in 21st century procedures and protocols.

The hospital can handle emergency services and it has a fleet of ambulances on stand by. The departments and operating theatres are fully equipped with modern technology such as radiology machines, tracking devices, breathing apparatus and machines that can scan the stomach, colon, liver, breast and prostate. Doctors can detect all types of illnesses ranging from congestion, inflammation or ulcers in the inner parts of the human body.

It also has a clinical examination and consultation facilities that can treat many ilnesses, including hypertension and diabetes. Photographs by Hong Menea