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Quote of the day

Sebastian Strangio, author of Hun Sen’s Cambodia, on the development of politics since a grenade attack killed sixteen at a rally twenty years ago.


Rainsy sentenced yet again for defamation

Former CNRP president Sam Rainsy, seen here speaking via Skype feed yesterday at a memorial for victims of a 1997 grenade attack on an opposition rally, was convicted on the same day by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court of defamation and incitement for suggesting the government killed political analyst Kem Ley.

Former CNRP president Sam Rainsy was convicted by the Phnom Penh court for the fourth time in the last year and sentenced to 20 months in prison for alleging that political commentator Kem Ley’s slaying last year was an act of “state sponsored terrorism” a suspicion held by many Cambodians. Rainsy was convicted yesterday for “incitement” and “defamation through the media” by trial judge Y Thavrak, and in addition to the prison sentence has to pay a 10 million riel (about $2,500) penalty and a symbolic punitive fine of 100 riel to Prime Minster Hun Sen.

Report shows Laos’s different timber tactics

A man transports a trailer load of timber through Kratie province towards the Vietnam border last year. Photo supplied

Cambodia and Laos share a border and a problem: vast swathes of their forests have been cut down, loaded on trucks and driven east to Vietnam and often sent onwards to China. In a bid to stop the long-documented depletion of their natural resources, both countries last year announced export bans to their eastern neighbour. Their solutions, however, have delivered very different results, according to a recent report based on Vietnamese customs data by US-based NGO Forest Trends.

CNRP’s new leadership still unrecognised

Ministry of Interior Undersecretary of State Bun Honn speaks to the press about the legitimacy of the opposition’s new leadership yesterday in Phnom Penh.

At a press conference yesterday, Interior Ministry officials continued to cite a bureaucratic justification for failing to formally recognise the opposition’s leadership, while swatting away questions about how to fix the problem and threatening “legal action” if it wasn’t solved. While recognising that the CNRP party congress on March 2 was itself legitimate, the ministry continued to say that the elevation of Kem Sokha to president of the party and the selection of three new deputies at the extraordinary congress was not, as it conflicted with the party’s old statutes.

A tale of two B-boys

Standing outside of Skateistan, a skate park and youth organisation near Russian Market, Aaron Lim and Erak Mith adopt the posture one might expect from ‘B-boy dancers’ – legs spread, shoulders open while talking about their new two-man production. Between Tiny Cities premiered last week at Dance Massive, a contemporary dance festival in Melbourne, and will be making its Cambodia debut this weekend with two shows open to the public on Friday and Saturday.

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