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Rohingya refugees walk with relief materials last week at the Thankhali refugee camp in Bangladesh’s Ukhia district. Munir Uz Zaman/AFP

Will Rohingya issue alter Myanmar's ties with China?

Publication date 18 January 2018 | 18:29 | ICT

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/ANN) - Although Myanmar has deftly managed its relations with China and is not a Chinese satellite state, this could change due to mounting pressure over the Rohingya crisis.

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  • An Apple store in Shanghai, July 12, 2017. Two of the biggest investors on Wall Street have asked Apple to study the health effects of its products and to make it easier for parents to limit their children’s use of iPhones and iPads. Yuyang Liu/The New York Times Investors prod Apple on devices’ effects on children
    Publication date 09 January 2018 | 19:58 | ICT

    A creator of the iPhone called the device “addictive.” A Twitter founder said the “internet is broken.” An early Facebook investor raised questions

  • Former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra gives out alms in a merit-making ceremony at her residence in Bangkok in a photo posted in August 2017. Facebook Opinion | Is Yingluck really wanted?
    Publication date 10 January 2018 | 12:17 | ICT

    More than four months after fugitive former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra is known to have fled the country, the powers-that-be seem to still be



  • Mount Baru Jari in Indonesia, as seen from Mount Rinjani. Pikong/AFP

    Indonesia's Mount Rinjani to get Unesco recognition as global geopark this year

    Publication date 18 January 2018 | 18:20 | ICT

    JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Mount Rinjani, along with its buffer zone in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, (NTB) will be included in Unesco’s Global Geopark list this year, Indonesian officials have said. Known for its breathtaking peak and a crescent-shaped crater lake named Segara Anak,

  • President Donald Trump with Vice President Mike Pence at the Capitol in Washington, January 17, 2018. Approval of American leadership has dropped nearly 20 percentage points since President Barack Obama’s final year in office in countries around the world, a Gallup survey found. Doug Mills/The New York Times

    Souring world views of Trump open doors for China and Russia

    Publication date 18 January 2018 | 18:09 | ICT

    WASHINGTON — Much of the world has soured on American leadership since President Donald Trump took office, a loss of faith that has opened up opportunities for other countries like China, Russia and Germany to assert themselves on the international stage, according to an extensive new survey of

  • Apple gave us the modern smartphone. Now, it can create a new take on the device by encouraging us to use it more deliberately — and a lot less. Doug Chayka/The New York Times

    Opinion | It’s time for Apple to build a less addictive iPhone

    Publication date 18 January 2018 | 18:06 | ICT

    It’s not Apple’s fault that you feel enslaved by your phone. But the company that gave the world the modern smartphone has a perfect opportunity this year to create a brave and groundbreaking new take on that device: a phone that encourages you to use it more thoughtfully, more deliberately — and a

  • Deconstructing bitcoin: Future of money or a fraud?

    Publication date 17 January 2018 | 20:43 | ICT

    NEW DELHI (ANN Desk) - Bitcoin's popularity in Asia has had a positive influence on other alternative cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and litecoin.

  • Journalists work at Página Siete, a news site frequently critical of the government of President Evo Morales, in La Paz, Bolivia, Jan. 12, 2018. Facebook used Bolivia and five other countries as a testing ground for changes to its News Feed; Página Siete found its overall web traffic to the site has dropped 20 percent. Gonzalo Pardo/The New York Times

    Test countries for Facebook warn Explore Feed could boost fake news

    Publication date 16 January 2018 | 19:27 | ICT

    SAN FRANCISCO — One morning in October, the editors of Página Siete, Bolivia’s third-largest news site, noticed that traffic to their outlet coming from Facebook was plummeting. The publication had recently been hit by cyberattacks, and editors feared it was being targeted by hackers loyal to the

  •  The Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England, December 10, 2017. Andy Haslam/The New York Times

    52 places to go in 2018

    Publication date 14 January 2018 | 11:39 | ICT

    From Bourbon Street to the South Pacific pull of Fiji, destinations abound for the tourist with a strong case of wanderlust. 1. New Orleans — A one-of-a-kind US city turns 300.

  • In an undated handout photo, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader. In a furious series of Twitter posts and statements on his website on Jan. 9, 2018, Khamenei called President Donald Trump “psychotic” and repeated accusations that the United States bore primary responsibility for instigating a week of protests that rocked Iran. Office Of The Iranian Supreme Leader via The New York Times

    Iran’s leader calls Trump ‘psychotic,’ warns of revenge

    Publication date 10 January 2018 | 14:58 | ICT

    TEHRAN, Iran — In a furious series of Twitter posts and statements on his website Tuesday, Iran’s supreme leader called President Donald Trump “psychotic” and repeated accusations that the United States bore primary responsibility for instigating a week of protests that rocked Iran in recent weeks.

  • A Jatco transmission factory in Fuji, Japan, December 19, 2017. The country, which missed out on some earlier technological shifts, is now scrambling to catch up as the world warms up to battery-powered vehicles. An immediate, total shift to electric vehicles “would kill my business,” said Terry Nakatsuka, Jacto’s chief executive. Ko Sasaki/The New York Times

    As electric cars’ prospects brighten, Japan fears being left behind

    Publication date 10 January 2018 | 14:42 | ICT

    FUJI, Japan — At a factory near the base of Mount Fuji, workers painstakingly assemble transmissions for some of the world’s top-selling cars. The expensive, complex components, and the workers’ jobs, could be obsolete in a couple of decades. The threat: battery-powered electric vehicles.

  • President Donald Trump's shirt cuffs, embroidered with the number 45, during a meeting with lawmakers on immigration in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, January 9, 2018. Trump appeared on Tuesday to endorse a deal that would eventually grant millions of undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship. Doug Mills/The New York Times

    Trump open to talks on citizenship path

    Publication date 10 January 2018 | 14:37 | ICT

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Tuesday appeared open to negotiating a sweeping immigration deal that would eventually grant millions of unauthorized immigrants a pathway to citizenship, declaring that he was willing to “take the heat” politically for an approach that seemed to flatly

  • Asia’s prison population

    Publication date 10 January 2018 | 12:28 | ICT

    NEW DELHI (DataLEADS/ANN) - China has the largest prison population in Asia, more than four times as large as India. However, when it comes to prison population rates, Thailand has the highest incarceration rate in the region