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Japanese beauty salon to open in PP

Japanese beauty salon to open in PP

THE first high-class Japanese plastic surgery clinic and beauty treatment salon is due to open in Phnom Penh at the end of the year.

Jun Kikuchi, the chief executive officer of what will be the Degran Japan Beauty Salon, has worked as a plastic surgeon in both Japan and European countries such as England, France and Italy for the last 30 years.

He now says he wants to pass on his expertise to the people of Cambodia.

"I don't just want to earn money in Cambodia, but I want to train people here about modern techniques used in [foreign] beauty salons," Kikuchi said.

He added that the salon will offer services such as haircuts and massage, as well as plastic surgery.

A taste of Japan

The salon will be decorated in Japanese style to make the clients feel as if they were right in the centre of Tokyo.

"All equipment and  products will come from Japan, and the workers will be dressed in Japanese attire to reflect our culture," he said.

Focusing on upmarket clientele, Kikuchi said that Degran Japan Beauty Salon will not compete with other salons in Phnom Penh. "There are many rich Cambodians who want to have plastic surgery and have to go to another country to do that," he said, adding that he will provide high-class services right in the city.

"The technology in Cambodia is not as modern as our technology in Japan as this is still a developing country, and that is why I want to share my expertise with Cambodian people," he said, adding, that he is planning to employ around 10 Japanese and 30 Cambodian staff in the new salon.

Kikuchi believes that the salon will be a huge success because many Cambodian people now have enough money to spend on luxuries such as plastic surgery and beauty treatments.

"In the future I plan to open a beauty school in Cambodia," he said.

"I want to contribute to the development of plastic surgery in Cambodia," he said.

"I have already had success in Japan, and now I will start another salon here," he said.

"In time I am planning to open salons both in Thailand and Vietnam."