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5 cool things by Chan Cheata

Necklace USB
Before buying something, people think about the advantages that product will bring. Owning a necklace USB drives confers many benefits.  It can be used to store data, and also as a cute accessory!  And don’t worry about misplacing your flash drive, since it will always be hanging  around your neck!  Necklace USB drives come in many shapes and colours, so you can store files in style.  No one will even know your necklace doubles as a flash drive; it will be our little secret.

Wireless earbuds
So as not to disturb the people around me, I sometimes plug headphones into my computer when I’m listening to music.  But the cord is always too short and I find myself pulling out my computer so that the earbuds can actually reach my ears.  Lately, I’ve been wondering whether anyone sells wireless earbuds.  The answer is yes!  Wireless earbuds rid you of all the annoying wires and allow you to enjoy your mp3 player or iPod in comfort.  You can also use them with your cell phone.

I don’t want to waste my time surfing through websites one by one.  What can I do?  If you’ve been asking yourself this question, worry no more: will make it easy for you to find any information you want. actually includes links to many different websites, covering a variety of subject matter.  Need a job?  Click the jobs tab.  In my experience, I can get more information faster and easier using  Everyone enjoys the internet, so why not make it easier?

Jigsaw puzzle
Don’t you want to be an intelligent person?  Someone with real mental flexibility?  A true whiz kid?  Jigsaw puzzles can help you.  You need to be flexible to complete a jigsaw puzzle.  And you can keep the completed puzzles to decorate your house or bedroom!  I think everyone should play with jigsaw puzzles, especially children who will develop good memory and co-ordination skills in doing so.  The more difficult the puzzle, the more interesting.  That’s why complicated jigsaws provide for the most entertainment. Try one and test your mental mettle.

Virtual pets

Virtual pets can be manipulated on a small digital handset, which you can take with you anywhere.  Easier to care for than, say, hamsters, virtual pets cost nothing to feed and never smell.  Furthermore, you can choose any animal: a cat, a dog, even some mystical beast you’ve made up.  While they may not be warm and fuzzy, they can be just as demanding as the real thing.  If you get careless, virtual pets contract virtual illnesses, and sometimes even die, virtually.  Still, the death of a virtual pet has the benefit of likely being less painful than the death of a real animal.  Virtual pets are perfect for anyone who loves pets and technology!



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