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5 Cool Things by Chantrea Khoeut

When you think about a guitar a few scenes are likely to come to mind; and most of them probably involve a dude playing. Come on! Open your mind a little bit. Not only can anyone play guitar, they can also benefit from the panacea like effect that playing the guitar has on you if you are stressed out, bored, or just suffering from chord withdrawals. Even when you aren’t able to strum away, a guitar beautifies a room, office, or restaurant like few other inanimate objects. If you and the git-box really hit it off, your fascist killing machine might become a money-making machine as well.

Surfin' the 'net
If you’ve had your ear to the streets recently, you have probably heard about the internet, aka “the web.” If not, perhaps you have heard people chatting about going online, or “surfing the net.” If you are still unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, why don’t you go read a book or something, nerd. My point, before being sidetracked, was that the internet literally has the answer to every problem or query that might arise in your life. Love? Check. School? Check. Boredom? Check. Being hopelessly addicted to the internet? I guess nothing is perfect.

Small bag
Big bags are the worst! It’s like carrying around a small child, or an exceptionally large marmoset, on your hip all the time. If I wanted to do that I would be a mom or a zookeeper in the Amazon. Small bags, on the other hand, are a sign of efficiency, effective use of space, minimalist, appreciation for petite things, fashion forwardness, thriftiness, modesty and a number of other things which rank high on my list of personality traits one should strive for. Small bags can hold a few fairly small things (think cell phones), or lots of really small things (trinkets et. al.). The best thing is, you can forget about your fears of robbers, since they probably won’t even see your bag.

Reading a book
Yeah, I know: it seems like books are in 5 cool things every other week. Tell me something I don’t know. You can either criticize my creativity or wake up, smell the flowers and grab a book because its obviously the coolest thing you can do (there is also a strong case to be made for guitar). Whenever a friend complains of boredom, I want to ask if they are blind, and if they are, have they considered reading Braille. Only if they have lost their sense of touch might I begin to feel some sympathy. Ditch your narrow horizons, my friends, and stretch out your understanding of the world. Books are so good, they’re bad.

Long socks
It’s a great idea to have a pair of long socks when you go hiking. It’s also a great idea when you are sleeping. And, of course, anything in between. The conbination of protection and confort is, perhaps, unmtched in the catergory of modified accesory clothing. Animals and critters such as snakes and spiders are usually silent and can definitely be deadly, but if you’ve got a pair of stocking comparable to those pictured to the right, you should have no problem; or, at least, you will have a stylish guise for the gaping wound on your left ankle. You always kick a goal with long socks!



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