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5 Cool things by Chuonn Sophorn

This is a very tricky and challenging game. It requires players to use both their intelligence and forward-thinking capacities. The game is extremely thrilling once you get the hang of it. Players try to concentrate on every moment of the decision-making process of their opponents. And each player should concentrate not just on the present move but also think several steps ahead. The game is popular among students in schools and universities as well as intellectuals and ordinary people. It helps people to develop insight. So … let’s play chess!

Pass the ball to me! Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are two teams on each side of the middle net, and hands are the only means of touching the ball. Points are given when the ball lands on the court of the opposing side without being returned. Cambodian youth and adults, especially in the country, are fascinated by this sport and spend a lot of their spare time playing it. Volleyball helps make you healthy and fit.

Cambodia folk tales

The older Cambodian generation has left a legacy of many folk stories, which were once passed on only by word of mouth. Now they are gathered and put in books. Most stories illustrate the relationships between people and other living things such as animals and plants. And some delve into the supernatural and encompass proverbs. People of all ages can learn from these folk tales. Why not switch off the TV or the computer, open a book of folk tales and enter a whole new world?
Of course you have heard the names of American president Abraham Lincoln, German fascist monster Adolf Hitler, economist, John Maynard Keynes, writer Oscar Wilde and religious leader the Dalai Lama. Do you want to know why some people made such a positive mark on human history, while others are remembered for tyranny? This website can help you answer these questions and more, so get tapping.

1960s Khmer music

It is so romantic and nostalgic when we hear a sweet song sung by Sin Sisamouth. There are many songs that survived from the 1960s, and remain popular throughout Cambodia today. Their charming lyrics and soft but strong rhythms make the songs a pleasure to hear. Most of them, if not all, reflect the living styles of Cambodians during that time. Some focus on love and work, while others stress solidarity of the nation. So, let’s play!



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