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5 Cool Things by Khiev Chakriya

Photo album
Do you like taking photographs? Do you like to look at photographs later and think about great memories? If you are asking yourself whether or not you should buy a photo album, these questions should help you realize that the answer to your query is yes! Who knows what will happen to your hard drive or Facebook profile in the distant future. Back up your favourite photos and print them in the real world. If you haven’t already started filling photo albums with your best shots, don’t wait any longer. You will have a visual history of your life, and your career as a photographer. It’s cool now and it will be even cooler as time passes.

The options for activities when you can’t go to sleep are limited; reading a book or writing to name two, but even those aren’t possible if you don’t have a small lamp to see by. It is the essential tool to prevent boredom without waking the other people in your house. Follow my lead and get yourself an inconspicuous light source that will shine enough light to keep you entertained without alerting others of your insomnia. You only have to press the “on” switch and the soft light will immediately make you more comfortable, despite the fact you can’t get to sleep.

Since Valentines day has just passed, you probably just had a chance to enjoy the sweet goodness of chocolate. If you didn’t get or give chocolate, make sure you don’t make the same mistake next year, because it not only has a rich delicious taste, but it also has many benefits that you probably can’t even imagine. It can help lower the risk of the heart problems, high blood pressure and high cholesterol as well. Pretty wild isn’t it? Just thinking of the health benefits combined with the sweet taste makes me wish that Valentine’s Day happened more often.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine the scene in the novel you are reading if you only have letters to go aide you, isn’t it? It’s especially true for me with fiction or mystery stories, but I found a way to be sure I understand every detail of the story, switch to comic books. The experience will be more relaxing and enjoyable because while you read you will also be enthralled by the images of the protagonist and the evildoers he must face. There are thousands of different comics, so choose one that you like and make reading exciting again. Personally, I like “Death Note”, a Japanese comic with investigative stories, check it out if your not sure where to start in the world of comic book heroes.

Silk Purse
Do you find hard to get your money and other stuff out of your pocket? Your hand can hardly get in, let alone grab the wad of money you stuffed in there earlier. Here’s an idea that will let you forget about your pockets as storage space and allow you to easily access whatever you need. A silk purse is still small and easy to carry, but it is big enough to carry way more than your pockets ever could, and it even has sections so you can categorize and organize your necessities. The colorful, bright material of your purse will make you feel more confident and glamorous. Go shopping for a silk purse now, and you can not only boost your wardrobe, you can show your support for our country by purchasing silk products from Cambodian crafters.



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