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5 Cool things with Kim Samath

Is it difficult for you to find really hot or cold water when you are away from home? Get yourself a thermos and you will never have to drink luke-warm water again. It is like having a boiler or a refrigerator with you at all times. If you catch a flu you will have a steady supply of hot water, and when you’re walking in the sun you can be sure your water will stay cold. Don’t forget to keep a thermos in your backpack when you head out on a trip or go camping. Keep the cover on tight and a good thermos can keep water hot, or cold, for up to 24 hours.

Scented gel
If you like the good smelling room like me, you may keep a fresh vase of flowers sitting around, but it can get annoying having to buy new flowers all the time. Save yourself the trouble and go to the nearest market to buy scented gel that smells like whatever flower you desire. go to the nearest market and buy the scented gel with fragrance you desire right now. The smell will last for 30 days or more, so you can leave your flowers in the garden where for everyone to see. Most of the gels come in a container that allows you to adjust the amount of fragrance to the size of the room and time of day. You can save yourself lots of time without sacrificing any of the lovely smell.

Apsara sculpture
Although these dancing ladies are famous for their portraits on the walls of Angkor Wat and relics in the national museum, you can make your own dwelling much more attractive by buying a wooden or stone Apsara sculpture for your own living space. While it may not have the history of the millennium-old carving in Siem Riep, it is just as beautiful and will remind people of the great history of the Angkor people. Put one on your desk, hang it on your walls or place it next to your bed. It will make you feel proud of who you are every day.

Garland of Jasmine
As we can see in the garden and on hair of sophisticated Khmer women, garland of jasmine has been used for house jasmine has been used for decoration and religious ceremonies in Cambodia for hundreds of years, and it is still one of the most beautiful additions to any house, outfit or car. Whenever you step into a car with jasmine and breathe deeply, it smells like you are sitting in a lush garden. In the past, jasmine was only available in the market, but now it is available everywhere, even along the road, and since they are cheap, you can buy them in bunches and keep your whole life smelling sweet.

Riding a boat along riverside
If you are feeling streesed after a long day or week of work, you can take a walk on the riverside, but why not go one step further and take a trip on the river. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on boat and cruising down the Mekong, Tonle Sap or Tonle Bassac and feeling the breeze blow through your hair. Get together with your best friends, bring some delicious food and drinks and take in the scenery on the riverside as your stress floats away. You can even make it a party and get the karaoke going once the evening wares on.



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