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5 Cool Things by Ngo Meng Hourng

Wearing newspaper
There are many ways to protect our environment; being a vegetarian, planting trees and reducing air pollution, but, frankly, these are all uncreative. Wearing newspaper is the kind of innovative idea that will help save the earth. It makes a fashion statement and conserves our natural resources. So don’t throw all your newspapers away. Cut them into pieces and ask someone to stick all those pieces on your body and you will soon be mother nature’s best, and most stylish, friend.

Ming your language
When you are bored or stressed and you don’t know what to do, watch a video of Mind Your Language. It is a comedy series featuring some hilarious scenes. The show will not only make you laugh and relax, you can also improve your English language skills with pronunciation, vocabulary, speaking and grammar. If you are interested in watching this movie, you can find it on YouTube by searching for “Mind Your Language”, or you can look around DVD stores for a copy of the series. I would suggest getting it for free on the internet though, and any time you are with a friend near  a computer you can show it to them as well and open a whole new world of laughs and learning.

Are you a person who loves reading books? If not, readjust your priorities and turn the page in your life so you can start to be more knowledgable. There is a Khmer proverb which says “the more you read the more you learn”. It’s pretty self explanatory. If you want to stay stupid, stay away from books. I can understnad, however, if you find it difficult to know which book to read, since there are so many out there.  I have found that novels are the best choice for beginning readers, since they will pull you in, regardless of your reading level. A good novel will expose you to a whole range of emotions, from romance to sadness to anger. Once you start reading, you will be addicted, and that means it won’t be long before you’re the smartest kid on the block.  So start reading more books.

Everyone knows bananas are delicious and nutritious, and you can thank me for finally spreading the word that they are the coolest fruit on trees. If you have illnesses such as stomach aches or constipation, arming your body with the three sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose - will help you fight off the infection. Even if you aren’t sick, you can’t go wrong if you eat two or three bananas as part of your morning routine. Give it three or four days and watch your energy levels reach previously unknown highs. I am frustrated by my inability to convey the coolness of bananas in words. Honestly, you need to get serious about your banana intake. They can help improve your memory, save you money on medicine and make you a happier person. This is one thing that monkeys don’t play around with. They eat them; and you should too.

Small Mirror
We all care about our looks, and many of us spend a lot of time looking in a mirror. When you’re at home, it is easy to primp and preen until perfection is achieved. However, looking like a million bucks away from home is a whole different challenge. If you are too shy or lazy to find the nearest rest room, but if you want to achieve  style comparable to mine in the photo to the left, carrying a small mirror on your person is a habit you need to form. It is so easy to carry a small mirror, and then any time you can have a look at yourself and feel more confident as you strut your stuff around town. It will only cost a few bucks at the market, so go get one and watch your self confidence soar.



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