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5 cool things with Simila Pan

Joint savings account
A ring and a promise are the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to luring a woman into the game of love. But forget about these and think about a more practical gift for your girlfriend. A joint bank account can make your girlfriend glow with joy. Believe me! There will be no more “yours” or “mine”. It’s like two becoming one. Just like love, a joint savings account requires trust and commitment. Save together and eventually you will have enough money to tie the knot.

For those of us who have embraced a modern way of life and love, there isn’t a lot of time for working women to make food for their boyfriends and husbands. But regardless of your skills in the kitchen there is something particularly delicious about a meal cooked by your lover. It only take a little spare time and a bit of effort to cook something simple like kimbap. You will be sure to capture your partner’s heart as you romantically feed each other the delicious Korean rolls filled with rice and other yummy ingredients.

No.1 speed dial
These days it is tough to imagine a couple surviving more than a few hours apart from each other without a mobile phone. Even on a busy day, a caring lover will check in at least a couple times to make sure you’re all right and keep you up to date on what they’re up to. If you are really meant for each other, you have to be No 1 on each other’s speed dial, as well. Assign your sweetheart to No 1 and have them do the same. It will be easier to call each other and it’s totally sweet.

Sorya mall
Let’s skip the $100 candlelight dinner and do something fun. A busy shopping mall is the perfect place to see how laid back your lover is. Their patience will truly be tested as you try on outfits and then fight for a bargain when you finally pick something out. Once you move to the food court you will find out what they like to eat. It’s like killing two birds with one trip to the mall. You get to buy stuff and learn about each other’s preferences and personalities.

Bedding set
During your evening phone calls your lover is probably lying back on their bed exhausted. Just because you can’t be with your lover during those hours in bed doesn’t mean that you can’t make them a bit more comfortable in your time apart. Be a considerate boyfriend or girlfriend and buy your partner a cozy bedding set with a design that will light up their mood. They will not only feel closer to you, but also remind them that their happiness is your priority.



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