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5 cool things by Sok Somphoas Kolthyda

Pumpkin juice
As you know, pumpkin is a kind of vegetable. However, what you might not know is that pumpkin can make our skin prettier and our brain smarter. Also, pumpkins are gown organically here, so they are not filled with chemicals like some other produce. A delicious new trend is having a glass of pumpkin juice. It’s always easier for me to drink a healthy glass of pumpkin juice when I’m on the go, or in a rush. Pumpkin juice definitely has the same taste of a sweet pumpkin dish, and you can sip it comfortably wherever you might be.

Poster colour
Poster colour is awesome for painting and art projects. The paint colours come with a special brush that allows you to mix them before painting on paper. Poster colours are really different from crayons, pencils, and even simple paint. Poster colour paint is clearer, and the paint dries directly on the surface of the paper. Usually, professional and famous artists choose poster colours when they create their masterpieces. I love using it because poster colours make me look like a great artist too.

Dry nail polish remover

Before discovering dry nail polish remover, I used the liquid bottle. There’s nothing worse sometimes than when liquid nail polish remover leaks out of the bottle and into your bag when you’re carrying it somewhere. But, with dry nail polish remover, I don’t have to worry about spilling anymore. My bag stays clean and dry. It’s easy to use, and one box comes with a lot of pre-packaged,thin wipes withpolish remover. I can just take one of the wipes out of the seal and wipeaway any of that unwanted polish off of my nails. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s definitely cool.

Everyone has their own different and unique way of expressing their feelings, whether it’s expressing happiness, sadness, or anger. My way of expressing feelings is by keeping a diary. Because I am the type of person who does not like to argue or tell others very personal things, it’s great and easy to write down how I’m feeling in my diary instead. I can even write down secrets, so that I don’t have to tell others, and I feel better. Another great thing about writing in a diary is that it lasts forever. You can read through your diary to remind yourself of old stories you might have forgotten, and that’s a great feeling. Remember, it’s much harder to find an old friend to remind you of stories than it is to grab your own diary.

Hair bow

Without decoration, there’s no art when it comes to style – and without having an art to your style, there’s no beauty either. Whenever I used to tie my hair up without any accessories to decorate it, my hair looks too plain. Having plain hair makes my face look even plainer. But, with something as little as a hair bow, I found a big way to make my hair look interesting and attractive. If I have great hair, I know my face looks more beautiful. With hair bows, there is a wide range of colours and styles to pick from. So, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a way to decorate your hair. I like to switch around my hair bow depending on what kind of event I’m going to.



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