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5 cool things by Sreng Phearun

Group study
Studying in school with teachers is the main way to gain knowledge. But just studying in class is not enough.  It means students are always learning individually. Instead, group study helps students share and gain knowledge from each other. Usually, students organize group study whenever they do not clearly understand what they have learned at school; more people results in more ideas.

Speed boats
There are many ways of travelling that make us feel relaxed and excited. Going to a beach for a holiday is a popular trip for many people. There are many things to do at the beach. Another fun thing to do is travelling by speed boat onthe sea. Speed boats can make us feel amazing –  we get fresh air and see beautiful views of the sea. Nowadays, it is easy to travel by speed boat.

Styling Hair Wax

Hair styles are very important for all people. Everyone wants his or her hair style to fit with the shape of his or her face. By using styling hair wax, a sticky substance used to create hair styles, you can change your look at will. It’s affordable and it’s easy to use without taking much time. To create a hair style, teens like using hair wax when going to school, going out and going to other events. Nowadays, styling hair wax is very popular among teens.  Beautiful faces need fashionable hair styles.

Everyone likes feeding pets. Some prefer animals, while others prefer birds as their pet. There are many kinds of birds that people like to feed.  Pigeons are one of the most popular. Feeding pigeons makes people relaxed and happy.  Pigeons can be kept at home and fed in their cage. It is done this way because pigeons are a type of bird that doesn’t often leave the place it lives. A pigeon owner always feels happy whenever he or she sees the pigeon fly around his or her home freely. That’s why pigeons represent freedom and peace. Love peace ,love pigeons!

Swimming Suit

Clothes are really important for people to socialize. We normally use different types of clothes in different situations. Swimmers also have their own suits to wear while swimming. There are a lot of kinds of swimsuits that we can buy anywhere, like at markets or clothes shops, for a reasonable price. Swimsuits offers many advantages. We can use a swimsuit at any age. Swimsuits not only help us swim, but they also make us look attractive.



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