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5 Cool Things by Sun Mesa

Elderly friends
What are you doing in your free time? Have you ever thought that elders are useful? My ideal stretch of free time would have bit of everything, such as exercise, reading my preferred books, and talking with elderly people. To me, I like talking with elderly people and being friends with them because I feel that those people can tell me what I don’t know, and make me aware of some problems in society and they can help me cope with the problem. And they openly talk about their success and failure and I often feel I unconsciously pick up on their advice the next time I encounter a similar situation. Here’s an old people tip in case you don’t believe me; when you encounter a problem, approach the situation indirectly and end the talk smoothly. It works.

Fan of favourite team
Has a man who enjoys sports ever been bored watching a sporting match? My guess is no, but if your answer is yes, it means you have a serious problem finding satisfaction.  Mick Jagger had the same problem, but he also loved watching football. I do too, and I can say with great confidence and pride that my favourite team is Manchester United and my favourite player is Lionel Messi. I am cheerful when my favourite team  really stomps their opponent. As a player myself, I like to fashion my game after Lionel Messi. I imagine moving the ball quickly past defenders, and then kicking the ball deftly into the goal. It doesn’t always happen, but Messi misses sometimes too.

Skiing machine
Do you stress out when you study? This little device pictured below is actually a lot bigger in real like, and you can stand on it as if you are skiing and pretend like you are heading to the North Pole and leaving your stresses and worries in Phnom Penh. Put on some awesome music and you will get in an exercise zone like you’ve never been in before. I go for hip hop and rap, because I am just cool like that, but if that’s not your thing, listen to whatever.  There are even more benefits than that, I have met many a person working out next to me on the skis, I will worn you, however, that a fall on this things really hurts, so be careful out there.

History Book
Have you ever think of prominent information which buried in the past?  And if you feel that you are curious about history so please try out The People’s Republic of Kampuchea.  It is the book indicating apart of Cambodian after Khmer Rough regime. First  I was boring with few pages  of the contents that detail inform of all the structures to reinforce one country after the war. But then I feel that I can’t reject pursue reading this book line to line, having reading acknowledgement of the book.  Since the beginning of the early Sunday morning to the late evening, this book catches my attention and views my eyes into that situation. And I also interpreted how to survive when we are being famine and restructure the tearful life. What about you what have you decode from what you have read ? and what is the useful of history?

Fresh fruit juice
What is your favoured soft drink? As a consumer, you may be one of many people who are pulled in by industrial companies with big, fancy advertising campaigns. Let me make a suggestion, and I am not being anti-market or socialist or anything, I think you should walk away from those massive companies making sweet, sugary soft drinks and get to know a little company in Cambodia called K.M.F. It is just as delicious as any soda, and they have a variety of flavours to fit whatever juice you are jonesing for. I love carrot juice because carrots have high vitamins to support my eyes. The best thing about K.M.F. is that you support local farmers, and that is really sweet.



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