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5 Cool things with Sun Narin

Coffee and Wi-Fi
Where do you go when you want to play games or search for documents on the internet? What about when you have a group assignment or want to meet your friends? The best answer to all of these questions is a coffee shop with wireless internet. You can relax, talk with friends, get a caffeine boost and have access to all of the information online in the same place. With new coffee shops opening every week in the city, you probably have a favourite shop near you, but I would suggest Royal Coffee in front of the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Matching rings
People will know you’re awesome, and taken, when they see you and your partner wearing the same ring. Their attraction to your ring will turn to admiration when they realise your sweetheart is wearing the same sweet piece of jewelry. It feels great to show other people how you feel about your lover, and there is no better way to do that than go to the mall and find a ring that will tell your lover, and everyone else, how much you care. Now that the secret is out in 5 Cool Things, everyone will probably start buying matching rings, but you can make sure you stay in the limelight by finding a pair of rings that is truly unique so you will stand out from the ring-wearing crowd.

Night Market
Everyone agrees that the market is a good place to go to combat your boredom, but don’t just settle for shopping, go to the Night Market on the riverside and enjoy food, drink and concerts by young wannabe Cambodian pop stars while you gaze at the merchandise on display. Even better, most of the stuff is made manually by Cambodians, so if you buy some clothes, scarves or souvenirs you will be helping your fellow countrymen. Even if you don’t have any money you will be able to sit with family and friends and enjoy all the action going on around you. Chances are you are too busy to make it to the market during the day, so don’t miss a chance to hang out at the night market, open from Friday to Sunday from 4-12 o’clock.

Small lamps
I don’t know you, but I suspect you are the kind of person who likes decorating their room. You probably use flowers, photographs, paper stars to make your room look snazzy, but I suggest you start thinking about brighter ideas. I’m not calling you stupid; I’m just suggesting that you turn to lights when you are looking for ways to liven up your room. Right now you probably have a long, bright white lamp on your ceiling, well I want to introduce you to small round lamps of various colours that will give your room a much preferable fee. You can buy a set of 20 to 40 lamps to hang all around your walls or on top of your bed in any shape you please. Just about any mall in Phnom Penh has them, and it won’t cost you much to make a major change to the comfort level in your bedroom.

Male cosmetics
You might think that only girls can use cosmetics to enhance their body, but think again. Don’t get the wrong impression about me, I just realise the necessity of looking good these days, and it is undeniable that men also stand to benefit from using products that will make them more attractive to all the senses. Men can use roll-on deodorant, body spray, hair gel, or face and body foam to look and smell fresh at all times. Not only will you feel more confident when you walk into some place, you will be able to maintain that feeling if things get intimate. Beauty might be on the inside, but being more beautiful on the outside will help you get people get to know who you really are.



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