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5 Cool things with Tet Chann

Tailored clothes
Where should you get new clothes for the upcoming year? You can go to the market, but the clothes will inevitably be too tight to slip into or so loose that they fall off your body unexpectedly. Go to a tailor, instead, and you can pick your style and be sure that the fit is perfect. Tailored clothes are flattering to my body and make me feel both comfortable and attractive as I stroll around campus. Just find the fabric you want and take it to one of dozens of tailors around the city. It is inexpensive and you will officially achieve awesomeness. School’s already in session, so get to the tailor and get a few spanking new outfits stitched together before the workload starts to pile up.

Digital camera
Taking photos of our daily life now is a thrill, and they say that photos get more important with age, so imagine how psyched we will be to look back on all of the ridiculous things we were doing in our youth. If you don’t already have one, cameras are no longer just the tool of a photographer. Unless you have a cellphone with an exceptionally high-resolution camera, it is worth your money to at least get yourself a small digital camera to start recording your life. A digital camera will make any gathering seem like a memorable event and will even give you more pleasure when you are alone, encouraging you to appreciate the sights around you. Forget about film and expensive photo-albums, make a photo album on your camera and save it forever on a hard drive, flash drive or a CD.

Phnom Bakheng
Many past writers of 5 cool things claim to know the coolest spot to get away from the daily grind and relax, but Phnom Bakheng is, in fact, the coolest place in Cambodia. As I was born and raised in Siem Reap, I can tell you that you won’t find a better place to spend a weekend with family or friends, especially if you’re up for a bit of adventure. The 20-minute climb up the mountain may seem strenuous, but rest assured that the greatest moment of your life is waiting for you at the top. Time your walk for sunset and you will witness the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen. The cool wind blowing over your body will massage you as you look around to see the top of Angkor Wat rising out of the forest. Honestly, it’s only five hours away, and you’d be a fool not to go.

Here’s the scenario: its your girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow and you have no idea what to buy. You’re a poor planner, but I’m here to help you anyway. Buy her a scarf. It’s simple, pretty and, unless you choose one with awful colours or a bizarre pattern, it can go with just about any outfit. You have already bought her a ring and flowers and chocolate; mix it up and surprise her with something a little different. While scarves are often worn in the West to keep people warm, it is just another layer of fantastic fashion for a classy Cambodian woman. Whether she wears it on a hot date or a windy night, she will think about you every time she puts it on.

Love FM 97.5
You’ve got free time but no money to do anything fun. Don’t sulk. Grab a radio and turn on Love FM 97.5. It is the best English radio in Cambodia, and it picks me up and makes me smile whenever I am exhausted after a day of work and studying. With an expansive library of English-language pop, rock, R&B from today and decades past, Love FM will make you feel great as well. You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even notice as your listening and speaking skills improve. Call in for a conversation on air; it’s challenging but if you can be confident with thousands of your peers listening you can speak English anywhere. Personalise your listening experience and request your favorite songs while entering to win prizes throughout the week. It’s the most fun your ears will ever have.



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