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5 cool things by Yoeung Seiha


ZZZZZ . . .  There are many misconceptions about power naps. Some people think we take naps because we’ve eaten too much heavy food or we haven’t slept enough the night before. Others think people who want to take a nap are lazy and inactive. But researchers have proven time and again that napping for short periods during the day is beneficial. One of the main benefits of napping is that it increases alertness and productivity. It also helps to reduce stress by making the body relaxed and reducing irritability. And, for students and people who work shifts, such as factory workers or pilots, naps help a great deal. The lack of sleep caused by an irregular schedule can be compensated for with a nap to enhance our alertness the next day.

Bonsai plant
WHAT should we use to decorate our office desk? A bonsai plant is a good choice. First of all, bonsai plants are beautiful. When we walk into the office and see one on our desk, we  feel happy and will enjoy our work. Second, bonsai plants look fashionable; they make it seem as though we’re working in a modern office. Last is bonsai plants’ sheer attractiveness.  I’m sure your boss and your workmates will agree.


PEOPLE almost everywhere in the world use notebook computers every day. Students use them to take notes during lessons, solve mathematics exercises, paint, write essays or anything else they want to do.  And they can help us to remember what we did in recent days. Finally, notebooks are used in companies, factories, restaurants and stores to keep track of the number of workers, staff and goods.

Playing online games
PLAYING free online games is one of the favourite things of today’s teens. There are a few advantages of playing free online games. One is that you don’t need to go somewhere else during your free time. If you have your own computer and you’re connected to the world wide web, all you have to do is sit in your chair, fire up your internet browser and find sites that allow you to play free online games. The second advantage is that it’s free, so you don’t need money and you can choose what kind of game you want to play. Finally, you can exit the game at any time. If you don’t feel like continuing, just click “exit” or close the window.

Library (iBook)

ARE you keen on reading books? If so, where do you go to enjoy your reading? The latest technology allows you to enjoy a book whenever, and wherever, you want. A library is a place that contains all kinds of books that are useful for all kinds of people, especially students. Like all libraries, the library in an iPad can provide every reader with all kinds of books simply by downloading them and saving them in iBook. You can then enjoy them by just using your finger to touch on the book you’d love to read. Enjoy some reading now!



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