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5 cool tips with Heng Davoan


Be a valued employee
Many employers tend to complain, “Good staff is hard to come by.”Prove yourself by being efficient in all your tasks, pitch company ideas to your boss and be a problem-solver. Demonstrate that you are a team player and you will stand out from the rest of your colleagues. If you play your cards right, you may even negotiate a pay raise afte

Save for rainy days
It’s one thing to earn money through hard work and another use it wisely. Put aside a small percentage of your salary every month. Stash your cash in the traditional ‘piggy bank’ at home, or open a savings account at a bank to earn monthly interest. Before you realize, you’ll have enough extra cash to spend on a holiday, a new scooter or even emergency medical bills.

Go cashless
Unlike days of our forefathers, we don’t have to carry wads of cash or items to barter trade.

With an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card, we can withdraw money with 24 hours accessibility or make purchases in supermarkets, boutiques and eateries.

As Cambodia progresses, so will the number of ATM kiosks increase all over the country.

Be the king of your own home
House prices are often too expensive to afford, yet we all dream of owning our personal sanctuaries. Fortunately, with reasonable bank loans becoming more available, you don’t need to pay a king’s ransom. If you can afford to fork out US$500 – US$600 a month for installments, a 20-year home loan installment with low interest rates should be attainable.

Card it
Credit cards are a tool of convenience. Just key in a few numbers and you can pay bills, book holidays and shop voraciously online.It is especially useful for travelers who don’t like the hassle of dealing with cash in different currencies.

However, always swipe responsibly. Make sure you can afford the purchase before using a credit card to avoid living in debt.



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