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5 cool tips by Khin Sarak


Rapidly developing technology can be both good and bad for its users health. Here are some tips on how to use it with care.

Dealing with bad breath in the morning
Even if you clean your teeth everyday, bad breath can still be a problem. Experts say we get bad breath in the morning because of bacteria that develop while we are sleeping. To solve the problem, you should clean your teeth every day before and after sleep and use floss. Drinking water and gargling wth salt can also help. Good toothpaste should contain Xylitol and CDX. Don’t forget to go to the dentist regularly, too!

How to cut down on your spending
While the economy is growing, inflation goes up, increasing the price of goods. To cut down the daily expense, follow some sensible advice. Firstly, don’t buy something when you don’t know the price. Ask someone who is used to buying it to check. Go to a wholesale seller to get a cheaper price, and buy big quantities to get a discount. If you buy face-masks, one piece costs 300 riel but if you buy a box of 50 it’s 4500 riel.

How to save electric power
Electricity makes life easier. Everyone needs it, but it is expensive. An easy way to save the electric power, you should cut down on any equipment that’s not necessary – turn the power off when you go out or when nobody is home. Collect clothes to iron all at once rather than one by one because when we use the iron, it takes 0.5kw in order to make it hot, so lots of power is wasted. Don’t ever use too many appliances at the same time.

How to care for your laptop
Laptops are very important to use in the modern world. But they have to be kept well. After you by it, it should be cleaned two or three times a week. Don’t use too much Flash because it can cause viruses in your computer. Use an anti-virus program and scan for viruses regularly. Don’t use it on top of cushions, and avoid using it while charging the battery. Don’t take it onto a mattress. Be careful with charging – when you charge it a little and take it out, that can weaken the battery.

Be secure when using your phone
Everyone uses phones nowadays – not just for communication but research and entertainment as well. But it can also have some disadvantages. To avoid them, don’t talk on the phone for a long time, put it at least 5 metres away from you while you are sleeping, use a headset when you talk … Lastly, keep your phone in your bag and don’t stare too closely at the screen.



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