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5 cool tips with Leang Sokunmealdey


Do your homework
Staying connected to the industry is a continuous process. Reading the news regularly is an effective way of keeping abreast of new trends. Network with people from the relevant industry as it’s the fastest way to know if there are available job positions you desire. If you are interested in a company, don’t wait till there is a job opening. Research its background and services, and ask yourself: Do I have what it takes to work there? The key to success is constant development, so don’t give up!

Polish your CV
Your resume is the first introduction to any employer so make a good impression. Write a clear, one-page cover letter that summarizes your professional experiences and a career objective. Your CV must be neat and visually appealing. Use bullet points where necessary and always check for grammatical errors. Avoid using excessive front styles and headings. Writing phrases like “you’re the best, i wanna be ur slave” isn’t going to get you the job. Express your interest with words like “I wish to pursue a career at your organization and hope to contribute my skills and experience to the role.” Take your time to organize your letter and resume. A sloppy CV with spelling mistakes always end up in the bin. Most importantly, be honest and do not fabricate facts just to impress the receiver.

Be ready
Good preparation is the key to staying in control during the interview. First, list your past experiences and relate your skills to the job position you are interviewing for. Most times, you will be asked to describe yourself and your past experiences. Be careful not to talk longer than necessary and do not brag. Speak clearly and do not rush your words. It is important to smile and remain composed at all times. Remember, give a firm hand shake to display your confidence.

Look the part
First impressions can make or break the interview, so dress appropriately for the meeting. Candidates should dress in smart-casual office clothes – blazers paired with a long sleeved shirt and tie or a blouse are appropriate. Do not wear loud colours or extravagant fashion accessories. Keep your hairstyles neat and avoid dyeing unnatural colours. Ladies, unless you’re applying to work in the circus, keep makeup to a minimum.Finish your look with a pair or conservative yet stylish shoes. Slippers, 10-inch heels and sports shoes are out of the question.

Be flexible
We’re not talking about yoga but your ability to respond to queries during an interview. Try to anticipate questions and prepare your answers in advance. Common interview topics include an explanation of your personal strengths and weaknesses and why you should be considered for the job position. Be attentive and don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat or clarify the questions. Last but not least, prepare a few intelligent questions about the job position or organization. Don’t ask an obvious question like “What does your company do?” and certainly do not discuss salary matters in your first interview.



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