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5 cool tips with Mak Praseth

Tips for the test
A positive attitude goes a long way toward success. Make detailed study plans for the test. On the night before, do a quick review and get to bed early. Remember that your brain and body need sleep to function well. Breakfast on the morning of the test is very important so you can turn on your brain. Before the test starts, make sure you have everything you’ll need. Scan through the questions quickly and if you don’t understand one, re-read it. Then answer the easiest questions first. When you’ve completed the last item on the test, go back and check your work!

Make study a routine
Schedule time for daily study and create a study environment where you can avoid interruptions and household noise. Organize your schedule so that you can cover all your subjects. Study different subjects each day. Before starting to study, minimize distractions by getting together all the materials you’ll need. Test your ability by asking family members to quiz yo?u. If you have problems, ask your teacher for help. Don’t forget to sleep, eat healthy food, drink water and exercise regularly. Take time to watch your favourite TV show, spend time with friends, walk to the park and play sports throughout the week.

Stop hair-loss using tea
Hair-loss is a problem that many people constantly face - especially people who are older or stressed. Tea is many people’s favourite drink because it’s tasty and healthy. But it’s good for preventing hair-loss, too. The tea remedy is simple: first, brew one liter of fresh water with a half spoonful of tea. Then let it sit overnight. The next day, wash your hair with the tea and rinse with clean water. Try it out! Your hair will appreciate it.

Melt your abdominal fat with pineapple
No one likes belly fat, so if you’d like to keep your body slim, try having one or two pieces of pineapple before going to bed. Pineapple contains an enzyme that may help melt abdominal fat, and it’s also rich in vitamins and other nutrients. But watch out for some other kinds of fruit! Eating lots of fruit that’s high in glucose, like longan, durian and jackfruit, can cause weight gain and diabetes.

How to get motivated for success
To be successful you need to not only work hard but also put your mind into your efforts. Motivation is a big part of getting good exam results. How can you get motivated? You can get in the right mindset by having confidence in yourself and being optimistic. Don’t be hopeless or afraid. You can also get motivation from people you love, including parents, siblings, and friends. Their support can influence you to feel better about yourself, work harder, and achieve success.



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