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5 cool tips with Mrs. Khat Sotheany

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Tips to traditional Khmer dance
There are many Khmer dancing styles that employee unique and beautiful movements. In order to know how to dance each individual style correctly, we have to know the ways we use our legs, change our facial expressions and move our hands in what is really a form of acting. The intricacies of this type of dancing are not simple and, to master them, it is really necessary to take some classes at a dancing school. 

Tips to guide the movement of your legs with the song
You can’t just move one leg – you have to move both, and even that won’t work if you don’t move your hips. Try to feel the rhythm of the music and let this guide the movement of your body. 

Tips to choosing a dancing partnerthe song
Some people think that they just do not know how to dance and so they never dare to try. But we all have to start somewhere, so if you’re a newcomer try not to be too self-conscious and look for a more experienced partner who can help you learn. Or pick the least experienced dancer in the room if that person makes you happy, and even if neither of you can dance you will still look good because you are having a good time. 

Tips to developing your dancing style
While Khmer dancing style is rooted in ancient traditions, as society develops and encounters different cultures the genre will inevitably evolve. We need to be careful to retain the uniquely Khmer elements of our dancing culture while incorporating new outside influences that compliment our old traditions. We would never want to replace the Madizone, but there’s nothing wrong with adding in a little kick here
or there. 

Tips to dance beautifully
One of the most important techniques to master in traditional Khmer dancing is learning how to bend your hands and fingers. The outward manipulation of fingers used in Khmer dance and symbolic hand gestures might not be easy to master but they are essential to preforming the routines accurately and beautifully. 



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