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5 cool tips by Mut Taingvitou


I would like to share my understanding about health with all LIFT readers:

How to follow a healthy diet 
Breakfast is a crucial meal to have. Some people don’t eat breakfast regularly because they are not aware of how important it is. Eating a big, healthy breakfast is important for our energy and sustenance. Eating a moderate lunch and a smaller dinner (we burn less calories after dinner and store more fat) will ensure you are feeling and looking great.
How to improve your English  
As a part-time teacher at a private school, there are two important basics in studying English grammar and vocabulary. Some students think grammar is very difficult to study. It is important to memorise the usage and forms of words and tenses carefully and compare them. Getting a grasp on general vocabulary is also a matter of memorising words every day. Once you have the basics mastered your general conversational English will improve.

How to drink enough water
We are often told we need to drink eight glasses a day (about two litres). Our water consumption is actually dependent on the weather and our activity. When we are hot, or exercising, we need to drink more. Some experts say, in normal conditions, we only need about one litre a day. Too much water can be dangerous. British actor Anthony Andrews almost died after drinking eight litres of water a day for several months.
How to recover from failure 
Young people are often too hard on themselves, worrying about what other people think or being embarrassed. Many young people are afraid of failing and of being ridiculed by other people. Rather, we should use failure as a valuable lesson, and if mocked or teased use that experience as strengthening for our character.
How to look fit  
Be careful with calorie-laden food, such as fried noodles, and food and drink with high sugar content, such as condensed milk. Rather, enjoy these treats in moderation. Avoid food that is high in cholesterol. Exercising is very important. Due to a lack of space in Phnom Penh, many people exercise in gyms and there are many around town. If you can, find a gym with professional staff and personal trainers that can advise on the right exercise plan for you.



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