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5 cool tips with Ou Banung & Nong Chanmonor


Here are some simple things you can do at home to make growing food and preparing your meals a lot easier.

Getting rid of bad smells after descaling fish
Generally, small fish do not need their scales removed but big ones do. Taking off the scales usually leaves a bad smell on people’s hands. Getting rid of the smell is easy, just take guava leaves and crush them in your hands for 5-10 minutes. Try it, since guava leaves are easy to find.

Getting rid of bad smells from pigs and chickens
If you are feeding chicken or pig at home, the smell is not ideal. There are two easy ways to combat this. You can either mix XM fertiliser around where the animals relieve themselves, or you can mix the fertiliser in with its food. Either way gets rid of the smell.

Choosing the best mango
From my experience, Keo Lmeat and Pom mango are the best to grow because they are ready to harvest within two to three years. These two types of mango do not require much attention. You just buy one which has already grown for one year, and then take care of it for another year. These two types of mango provide fruit two times per year.

How to recognise the difference between Khmer and Thai frogs  
Local Khmer frogs have both smooth thin skin and a thin stomach, their back legs are able to bend up to the eyes, the space between the nose and eye is big, the back is long and hunched, and the legs and body are small. Thai frogs, have thick skin and stomach, the space between the nose and eyes is small, and their legs and bodies are strong and short.
How to grow salad in a plastic bottle             
Growing salad inside a plastic bottle is great for those who love nature. Cut the bottle along the middle and place soil, seeds and fertiliser inside. After that, put some water in the bottle, and that’s all. You can hang it everywhere since it does not require a lot of space or sunshine. You do not need to give more water as it already has there in the bottle, then up to one month or 45 days later, you should have a bunch of salad between 700-800 grams.



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