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5 cool tips with Oum Vannak


With the woes of weather fluctuations, that flu that just won’t go away and even rainy-day sartorial conundrums – LIFT has got five cool tips just for you!

How to make your bedroom a special safe haven
Our bedroom is, in fact, our natural habitat – so let’s give it some tender loving care. Commit to cleaning it at least twice a week, to keep it tidy and stay healthy from dust and dirt. Add in your favourite smells so that your stress melts away as you walk through the door. Pay attention to decoration, too. Your bedroom is where you can express your own personal style without inhibition; make your own paradise.

How to keep yourself safe from pollution
With the harsh sun, take care to apply sun block as to avoid skin cancer and other harmful diseases. Sunglasses also help to shield your eyes – not only from harmful harsh sunlight – but from dust and grime. With all the traffic, consider covering your mouth and nose with a light scarf to avoid ingesting nasty pollutants. It’s the little things that help – no need to go crazy!

How to help save the environment
Every-day, we are using tonnes and tonnes of natural resources from our natural environment to sustain our lifestyles – but what are we giving back to the environment? Start saving the planet by reducing, reusing and recycling: the three R’s! That means don’t waste or throw away something unless you need to. And, try to save water and electricity – don’t use it to excess. And let’s get a little creative with crafts – try making cool, neat and unique things out of all those plastic things you’re about to throw away.

How to be stylish through rainy season
It’s hard to think about what fashions are in this season when it’s sopping, dripping wet all the time. So let’s think about functional and stylish ways to go stomping about the diluvian city. Girls, start by choosing water-proof cosmetics that won’t run in the rain. Also, think about a short skirt or a dress matched with plastic shoes – perfect for a wet romp without the worry. Boys and girls, make sure you’re thinking about your health – mosquitoes are everywhere during rainy season, so take care to use mosquito repellent.

How to take care of your flu
With this weather fluctuation between heat and cold rain, it’s easy to catch a flu. To make it easier on you when you catch a flu, drink hot water. For your bad runny nose, the Chinese claim that ginger tea is especially good. Hot steam works magic for your clogged nose and throat – hold your head over a bowl of hot water to breathe it in. And always remember that while you’re sick, take care to cover up and keep warm.



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