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5 cool tips by Thai Leang Sreng


I, Thai Leang Sreng, would like to share my understanding about traffic issues with LIFT readers:

Avoid troubles when stuck in traffic jam  
Everyone gets annoyed when stuck in traffic jam, that's why it is important to be nice to each other. To avoid traffic congestion, motorbike drivers can also take narrow streets when the boulevards are too trafficked. It is important not to drive on the wrong side of the road, because that would only cause more chaos. And always remember to respect road signs.  

Look good while you drive 
Even while driving, you might still want to show how good you look to other drivers. It’s not embarrassing to wear a proper helmet and it doesn’t make you look less attractive. You can still wear cool clothes and even a suit while riding your motorbike.

Keep the motorbike in good conditions  
To be safe, apart from wearing a helmet, you should check your motorbike regularly. Spending $5 to have everything checked is worth because it keeps the motorbike safe and in good conditions. You should also regularly clean it, especially during rainy season. It just looks better.

General safety tips 
Driving is challenging, can be difficult and requires attention. But we need to make the effort in order to avoid hurting other people and ourselves. This means that we have to respect road signs and avoid using the horn, especially when it's not appropriate. On top of being annoying, the horn can distract other people from driving. Using your phone is also distracting. But the most important thing to remember is: Don't drink if you have to drive!

Avoid getting robbed 
My friend was robbed while she was driving her motorbike. She was holding her phone in one hand and stirring the handlebar with the other. Someone came from behind and snatched her phone. I recommend everyone not to make phone calls while driving. Not only because it attracts muggers, but because it distracts you from driving.



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