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5 cool tips by Ung Kolzanich (Ariza)

Today I, Ung Kolzanich (Ariza), have the pleasure to tell you five cool tips on how to be a good TV and radio presenter.

How to use a headset
A headset is one of the most important tools for the daily work as a TV presenter. It’s therefore essential to choose a headset that suits your ears best. Big headsets are usually the best. Small ones tend to get your ears hot. Apart from that the volume control of most big headsets is better than that of small ones. Big headsets also block out noise pollution and the beats sound


How to control your mind
If you are in a good mood your work results will also be good. Nobody can be in a good mood every day though and this can become difficult if you have a problem. As a TV and radio presenter you always have to remember that you are a public figure. Your working personality therefore has to be separate from your private personality as well as private problems. Always keep your smile up and avoid expressing bad thoughts and words when you are on the air.

How to organise song lists for radio shows
All songs have their own qualities. Remember that you might not like a song personally but the audience might very well do. If you want to air a song you don’t like and still want lure people into listening to it try to think of the song’s qualities the audience might like and then advertise it properly. Be aware of the genres the songs you are playing belong to. Know that one genre cannot fill the whole programme for one day.

How to prepare the content you are airing
All you air has to be carefully planned. Try to think of the programme; make sure you understand what the topic is about and the audience that is targeted. After that, you should do research on the Internet or read a book to gather the necessary knowledge. You have to be flexible and knowledgeable for your audience.

How to behave in public
Unlike people in other jobs radio and TV presenters are well known by the public and you have to be careful when you are in a public place. Every step you make is watched! You have to know how to behave yourself and avoid being arrogant. You should wear fashionable clothes but avoid being too sexy. Also try to be charming, and inspirational and create happiness among your friends and people around you.



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