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Clogging around the world

Bloggers are providing a global voice for Cambodian youth. Tivea Koam asked some Cambodian bloggers around the world to explain why they blog, how they connect to the world and how their words are contributing to the globalisation and development of Cambodia.

Chak Sopheap,
25 years old
Started blog in 2006
Living in Phnom Penh

I have found it useful to have my own blog, as I like communication and debate on social topics, mainly with a focus on politics and good governance. As democracy in Cambodia is still young, with restricted freedom of expression and media control, I feel that blogging is one of the most exciting and innovative uses of technology for implementing the right to expression and other fundamental rights. We can share news, express our opinion, communicate with each other and campaign through our blog. It’s a wonderful tool for moments when other communication channels are restricted.

I get a lot of comments from outsiders who are foreigners and Cambodians living abroad. Some people express their appreciation for my sharing, while others debate the articles that interest them. From this kind of discussion we can learn a lot from each other.

If everyone thinks a voice cannot make an impact, then there will be no voice at all. We can learn from each other and understand different views. This will contribute to the exercise of freedom of expression and ultimately lead to the improvement of Cambodia.

Kien Forcefidele
17 years old
Started blog in 2008
Living in Phnom Penh

I blog because I want to share my ideas with people around the world. I want to share things that they haven’t known before, and I also want to discuss opinions in order to come to an agreement acceptable for everyone. Besides, blogging is fun. It helps you stay connected with everyone, even if they live on different sides of the world.
One interesting thing about blogs is that there are comments so that people can give out ideas and discuss topics freely. I have learned a lot of things form other blogs. Some blogs talk about math and science, which I find very useful to my studies, and other blogs talk about general knowledge and their experiences in life, which are often very inspiring.
If Khmer people start using blogs to talk about social problems rather than personal ones, we can share ideas and opinions about many important issues that are happening nowadays. Moreover, if there are a substantial number of bloggers who have a common interest in developing Cambodia, we can form an online association where people can speak their minds without fear, and this might be able to bring about change to the development of Cambodia! Who knows?

Seang Sopheak
Pursuing a master’s degree in Thailand

My blog is my online diary. I write my personal story, my daily activities and what is happening around me like culture and even politics.

By blogging I learn about different perspectives when people comment on specific posts, and I learn news ideas and exchange knowledge.

If people blog in Khmer, more and more resources will be available on the internet and it helps create opportunities for future learning for the next generation, but if people blog in English, it will help foreigners understand more about Cambodia.

LIM Sovanvichet
Started blog in 2007
Lives in Cambodia

I started blogging to share my work with people and to get their criticism of my work. I wrote books, but I was afraid to publish them since it is a little expensive. Therefore, I shared my work on my blog to receive reviews from my readers. So far, I have shared two volumes of mathematical books I have written.

I hope when the internet is more available, many pupils from provincial high schools can have access to my blog and they can learn to solve more mathematical problems from it.

Soung Mak
24 years old
Started blog in July 2007
Living in Laos

I blog because I am a writer. I have many novels and short stories to share with Khmer readers around the world. I need their comments, which are very important and can help me to correct my stories again and again so they will be at their best before publishing.

Moreover, blogging can help people around the world exchange their experiences, opinions and ideas to solve problems or discuss politics and social problems. If we can find the best way to solve those problems, it means that we are using our knowledge to help develop Cambodia. Blogging is like a roundtable discussion, so every problem can be solved by bloggers.

Thay Visal
22 years old
Started blog in October 2009
Living in Japan

When I blog I can share what I learned, saw and did with other people and make friends with them. My hobby is blogging and it is a way of sharing knowledge and experience. The more you read, the more you know, and the more you can communicate with other people.



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