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English class

English class


You don’t need to be a word whiz to learn English. All you need is passion.

Remember: if you don’t like it, you won’t learn it!

So here are five cool ways to learn better English that you’re sure to enjoy.

1. Listen to English-language music that you love.

The more music you listen to in English, the more vocabulary – and a good command of the accent – you’re bound to pick up. Not to mention that, with songs you enjoy, you’ll be motivated to find out what all the lyrics mean. This will inevitably bring you to a dictionary or an online translator. Take your time to put all the lyrics together and figure out what the singer is trying to say. This is also a great way to learn how native English speakers communicate casually and in everyday life, as the emotions relayed in pop songs can’t be found in textbooks or the news.

2. Go to fun expat events after work or school.

From trivia nights to informative presentations, Phnom Penh is full of native English-speaking expats taking the helm at events for anyone to take part in. Good examples include Monday night’s Nerd Night, where the audience can listen to a presentation and ask questions over a relaxing drink; or Drinks by Design, a Wednesday-night networking event for young professionals from all over the city. In social situations like these, you’ll definitely be approached by others – so you’ll have the chance to practise your English and learn from them. And don’t forget, these events are tonnes of good fun!

3. Watch English-language movies while out with your friends.

With The Flicks 1 and 2, it’s a cinch to catch an awesome English-language film any time of day or night. Movies are a great, easy and relaxing way to soak up vocabulary and a good accent while still enjoying your time. Make sure to take some friends with you – that way, you can ask one another questions about what’s being said and help each other out. You could try the Cineplex, but with the huge audience it’s hard to discuss what’s going on. It’s a much better idea to stick with small movie houses so you can concentrate better and remain carefree about keeping up a quiet discussion with your buddies.

4. Start blogging and using social media.

Social media may sound tough or technical, but we all know that Facebook is simple to use when it comes to our personal lives. So, what should you do? Start Facebooking in English – your friends will love it, and will join you. And with a blog – such as Blogspot or Wordpress – you can keep an online journal of your experiences to share with your friends. Maybe you want to review restaurants, music or movies – whatever you like, start blogging in English and share it! For the more daring, give Twitter a try. Keep your friends updated with your quick English on the fly, but remember that you have to keep it to 140 characters.

5. Help out your community with English-speakers.

LIFT, Loy9 and TEDxPP all offer fantastic platforms for you to share your views on youth culture and help out other young Cambodians – while working in English. With LIFT, you can write in English; with Loy9, you can be heard. With TEDxPP, there are myriad events to both take part in and listen to, from now until the end of summer. Whether your preference is art, literature or community service, all these organisations offer a unique chance to meet others, learn from others - and, of course, develop your English skills.

Want to contact Justin for more information? Send an email to [email protected]


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