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Everybody's talking about... learning environments

Having a proper campus with open space is vitally important. It produces an environment that is conducive to a relaxed, positive attitude among the student population. Loving their surroundings raises students’ spirits while they study. If the universities have only buildings, both students and lecturers will feel bored upon entering and the educational experience will follow. The Royal University of Agriculture truly must have a huge area of land so students can do experiments and truly understand how to apply the theories talked about in class. Other fields of study don’t need as much land, but they should have some outdoor areas to give students a soothing place to study on their own and ensure an enjoyable academic environment.”

There are many factors that need to be considered when talking about the quality of universities. First, it must have good and up-to-date curriculum and qualified lecturers. Second, it must have big campus with grounds where student can exercise or play sports in order to release stress. So why do some private universities’ campuses have only buildings? It is because we do not have enough resources. We have to build a university based on what we have, and private universities have to think of what is the most important investment between buildings, curriculum and lecturers. They need to have their own buildings where there are classrooms, labs and other facilities for students as well as qualified lecturers, because even the best curriculum is useless if professors are unable to facilitate understanding in their students. However, Khemarak University will eventually move to new place which has a bigger campus and I think that as other universities build up their resources they will also expand to have spacious campuses. ”

Sim Soktan, Junior in Banking and Finance at
Build Bright University

For me, it’s not a must for a university to have a big ground for students to exercise or play sports. I think a good university is one that has good curriculum and knowledgeable lecturers who can provide knowledge to students. Moreover, the credentials from that university have to be recognised by others so that students can find jobs after graduating. Thus, as long as the quality of education is standardised, that is enough to be considered a good university. I go to school to get an education. If I want to play sports, but the university does not have the space for it, I can always go to other places to play. Sure it would be better if the university had some recreational area so I do not have to go to another place, but as I said earlier, whether or not a university has a big campus or grounds to play sports is not an issue for me since I prioritise the quality of education.”

Kong Vannarith, Foundation year student in Technology and Management at Royal University of Agriculture

Universities must have a campus with open areas because students can’t just study in their classrooms. A fresh environment with trees, parks and greenery also refreshes our brain, which makes it easier to process information, think freely and learn new things. The school grounds should also have a place for students to play football, basketball, or volleyball, another way to relieve stress. The private universities in Phnom Penh should have some outdoor area on their campus to give students space to breathe.



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