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Everybody's talking about... Online Games

Everybody's talking about... Online Games

Online games can make players feel happy, reduce their stress, encourage them to learn more about technology and improve their quality of life. Moreover, users can make friends and get to know more people since they can play games that use Yahoo Messenger, which enables users to network and possibly find jobs more easily.
Furthermore, playing games online forces users to work as a team, encouraging a sense of unity and solidarity among players and placing a greater value on cooperation.
In addition to learning about computers, players can also improve their English by playing games online. Most games online are written in English, so if they want to play, they have to learn more English.
Last but not least, online games can be a means of disseminating information to people. Some games depict the history of certain countries. If Cambodian people can create game online themselves, it will be a great way to spread information about our history.”

When players reach an age when they can distinguish between right and wrong, they should reflect on the value of video games in their life so they will be able to get benefits and pleasure from them. Like playing chess, video games might help them be more intelligent and know how to solve problems, but if they are addicted, they will waste time. Therefore, they should be sure to play and get the advantages while avoiding negative impacts.
However, for players who are still children, they are easily addicted to games that lead them to spend too much time on gaming rather than studying. I think games are a waste of time for children and they can make them drop out of school. Even now that games are online, players still have to pay money, so they will also lose money, years before they start making money. More essentially, they will lose their energy and power, which affects their health. For instance, if they play too much, they will not want to eat food and they will just want to play. What’s more, it will affect the future of children if they spend too much time on it. I think they should be allowed to play for a limited time, yet it is better not to let young people play games at all.”

Sath Vanny, 22 year-old junior of banking and finance at the National University of Management

I play games online for releasing stress after working or studying. I find that playing games online also improves my knowledge of technology, especially computers. In addition, it helps develop my speed of sight since I have to look around the screen of my computer to find my enemies and I can exercise my brain as well, as I have to memorise where my foes are. Moreover, I can stay updated on technology, like how online gaming is developing and how games are different from the old versions.
However, playing games can be addictive and affect players’ eyes. They have to manage their time wisely and not spend too much time playing online games”.

An Sokea, a 20 year-old junior of accounting at Build Bright University

I think playing games can make a player’s brain work faster than those who do not and it can help them to be more flexible and intelligent since they have to be reactive when playing. However, I do not like playing games online because it takes up my time. I feel that I might spend too much time playing and my studies will begin to go poorly. More importantly, it will affect my eyes and brain. In my spare time, I prefer playing football. I think that playing football is better and gives you more energy since I can exercise and sweat and improve my health. In addition, I can make friends and meet more people when we play against each other. I can learn solidarity from football”.

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