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What is the Oracle Academy?

The Oracle Academy helps students develop the technology and business skills required for 21st-century careers. Participating institutions may integrate Oracle’s cutting-edge software and curriculum into their courses and become part of an expansive network of IT experts.
Cambodia Oracle Academy courses are only offered at the University of Puthisastra. The courses start in a logical fashion based on database development lifecycle. Then students build up to the architecture of databases, physical and logical design, client-server architecture, object-oriented models of databases and data warehouse concepts. Theoretical learning is complimented by computer labs that provide hands-on training for students.
We also provide variety of Oracle short courses to non-UP students and professionals who wish to improve their knowledge of Oracle products.
UP student can register the Oracle course work as part of degree requirements. Others can register for short courses offered on weekends and evenings.

For more information please contact

I am really interested in Web development PHP. Even though the presentation on this subject was just 40 minutes, I discovered all kinds of new ideas that will really help me as an IT student. I also enjoyed the Moon OS presentation. It is open source software that is really cutting edge. I think that Moon OS is better than Microsoft, but I doubt that Moon OS can develop as quickly as Microsoft in the near future. As you can see on their products, Microsoft has copyrights on everything they make, but in Cambodia pirated software is used in most companies and institutions. Moon OS will have further difficulty introducing their product to Cambodia since it is completely new to most people. Overall, I really enjoyed BarCamp and I wish it could happen two or three times per year since technology is being updated every minute.”

weekend Lift celebrated our first year sponsoring BarCamp, a conference about IT, science and, occasionally, whatever people think is interesting. Rather than cover the event for the magazine, we wanted to mix with the crowd and learn and listen with everyone else, so we asked our friends and fellow tech lovers to give us the low down on the most interesting things they came across while at the one-of-a-kind event. For more on the event, visit their website at

I received so much useful knowledge from BarCamp this year such as information about Khmer Unicode that can read to human sound, dynamic mapping, education database systems, future space missions in Cambodia, internet security, social networking security and guidelines, Ipad and Apple applications, as well as other websites that allow us to work as a group from different locations.
I have about 7,000 friends in my different facebook accounts, so security guidelines are very important for me to protect my friends.
I’m also very proud of my country now that Cambodian IT experts have developed their own software. There was also interesting debate about consumer protection and intellectual property.”

Tell us what you thought of BarCamp this year on our discussion forum at
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on to share your advice on staying healthy with thousands of other Cambodians. The best comments will be published in our next issue of Lift.



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