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Hilarious dance gets mixed reactions

Content image - Phnom Penh Post

Hilarious dance gets mixed reactions

A beautiful girl in a school uniform showing off her dancing style has been a huge hit on Facebook. There are nearly 1,000 likes and around 1,000 shares.

She may want to get the attraction of people by showing off her dancing style to the public, but a lot of people have criticised her moves.

Ravy Ah Gi Lnf commented: “she is going crazy”

Sun Rise Sun Set posted: “People think it is kind of Cute, but I think it is Crazy and NO-CULTURE, or if they think is right, I am crazy by myself.”

Kakrona Rin said: “Getting crazy now...I don’t know what happen with her....should go to hospital now.”

However, other Facebook users liked the dance. Prom Den commented: “Cute and also pretty; so lovely!”

Furthermore, everyone is keen on learning her nationality. Since the girl dances to a Thai song, some think she is Thai, while others think she is Cambodian. However, the important point is not whether she is Cambodian or Thai, but whether when people laugh at her dancing, are they laughing with her or at her?