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How are young Cambodians spending their weekend free-time?

How are young Cambodians spending their weekend free-time?

Heng Davin, 19, third-year student at Technical School of Medical Care
“Besides reading books and catching up on homework, I often spend most of my time on weekends at the hospital to practise what I’m learning in school.

I think it’s a great opportunity for me because I can keep learning, and also help patients who are in need of medical care.

It is a really nice way to work and spend my time, and I like knowing that I have a way of contributing to society during my free-time on weekends.”

Beang Phalkun, 21, second-year student at University of Cambodia
“There are many activities for youth to do in their free-time on the weekends.

For me, I mostly spend time at my university library. I can do assignments and research information in preparation for upcoming exams or lessons, and improve my general knowledge.

It’s also a great way to get better at English. While at the library, I also like to catch up on news, both locally and internationally.

When I’m not at the library, I spend time playing football each weekend so I can stay in good health.”

Kim Srour Rithy Kon, 20, student at Economics and Finance Institute
“During the weekend, I usually help my sister with housework: Cleaning, washing clothes, and cooking.

Sometimes, I’ll leave home to meet my classmates and go over lessons and exercises that we’re learning.

We also have a group discussion and go over the assignments together. If there are any events or workshops related to my major that are being held over the weekend, I’ll often attend those.

I hardly find free-time to hang out with my friends on weekends because I’m busy also working part-time as a teacher at a local school.”

Rithy Lomorkesor, ABC Cambodia radio host
“I might be a bit different from other young Cambodians because I barely have any free-time to myself.

From Monday to Friday, I’m committed to focusing on my studies. When the weekend comes around, I have a part-time job at ABC Cambodia radio station.

Working as a radio presenter on the weekends, I’ve definitely learnt a lot. I work for an English program so that I can improve my speaking and listening skills.

I really enjoy interacting with my listeners on certain topics. It’s a lot of fun and makes me look forward to a productive weekend.”

Thai Leang Sreang, 20, third-year student at Royal University of Law and Economics
“My weekend is nothing too fantastic – I usually spend it staying at home, reading books and doing my homework.

When I finish my schoolwork, I also do some housework, like cleaning and cooking.

Sometimes I’ll spend my weekends out of the house, meeting friends to go over group assignments. Then once we’re done, we’ll hang out together.

If I have a weekend that I’m not too busy, I really enjoy going to a conference or doing some community service – it gives me the opportunity to teach children and share knowledge with others.”