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How can we persuade young people to participate in community work?

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How can we persuade young people to participate in community work?

Mey Polivan,
19, a third-year student at the University of Health Science (UHS)
“Everyone does everything because he or she wants something in return. So, to interest young people in community work, we must let them know about the benefits. It’s true that if they help their country, their country will help them back. As their country develops, their living standard will become  better. Moreover, taking part in activities that help their country will make others admire them.”

Sok Sreypheak,
17, a grade 11 student at Hun Sen Batheay High School
“Becoming a girl scout has been a good way. I’m happy, I love my country and, as a citizen, I must help my country as much as I can. In my experience, a good method of promoting social work to young people is to make them more open-minded by comparing our country to developed countries. In developed countries, citizens help one another. In contrast, most young Cambodians couldn’t care less about social work. I hope they become more interested in it.”

Khin Sarak,
22, a third-year student at the Economics and Finance Institute (EFI)
“I believe that to get young people interested in community work, we first have to make them realise how important it is to their country. Second, every young person should be a role model for other young people. The final factor is their environment, which includes their family, their friends and the government. This is extremely important, because more young people will take up social work if their families, their friends and, especially, the government provide them with sufficient motivation.”

Sreng Sonita,
19, a third-year student at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE)
“A country is like a family. In a family, every member is important and, in order for the family to function and develop, they must co-operate with one another. A country can be developed too, if its citizens love and help one another and their country. So, to promote community work among young people, we have to teach them to be charitable and sharing. They all live in the same world, which is why they must love and help one another. They should not be selfish; they must consider the country’s welfare and not care solely about things that benefit only them.”

Pum Vannea,
20, a second-year student at the Institute of Foreign Language (IFL)
“Persuading young people to join in social work depends on three factors: themselves, their family situation and the environment. The impetus has to come from the young people themselves, depending on whether they want to join in, whether they have the time, and whether or not they enjoy  social work. Their families also have an influence on this. And the final factor is environment, which is very important. I want to tidy my country on clean-up day, but I can’t join in because of the absence of my classmates.”



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