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How can you sustain a good relationship with your mother-in-law?


Keo Socheata, 22
“In my family life, I think that forgiveness is the most important thing because nobody is perfect. There will always be mistakes but I learn to understand and forgive. I try to get along with my mother-in-law by being patient. Sometimes I think that she is very strict with me, but I known that she would never want to see me in a bad way. She just wants to correct me and improve my bad points. I’ve learned to be patient and take her advice. I always keep in mind that families do not judge one another. We correct and learn to forgive each other. ”


Kong Monykeo, 26
“I think that sometimes it can be difficult to win someone’s favour, but I have to learn with my mother-in-law. Getting along with her is very important. I learn how to adapt to suit her wishes. It’s not a problem, as she is a gold-hearted person. I need to improve myself, so I always listen to her for advice. I don’t pretend to be someone else to win her favour. Rather, I improve my behaviour to show respect towards her.”


Ho Mingyean, 21
“I consider my mother-in-law just like my own mother. I really love and respect her. She is not a strict or narrow-minded person. I have to take responsibility and be a good daughter. I can do that by taking responsibility within the family. My mother-in-law never orders me about, but she does give me advice. If I’m not a single-minded or stubborn person, that’s not such a big deal.”


Rin Chenda, 23
“When I was single I never cared about what I should do if I had my own family. Now, it is not an obstacle for me. I think that mutual understanding will develop inevitably. There will be some problems at first but that’s not a barrier. I have confidence that she is a good person, and wants me to be a good wife for her son. For that reason, I just follow her guidance. I believe that the best way for us to understand one another is to keep talking. Discussion is not argument but the best way I can show her my real emotions and faithfulness to her. I think that in a family we should be open to accept one another. I live separately from my mother-in-law, but still spend some time visiting her and we have a great time together.”


Oul Vannet, 20
“At first, I had no idea what I should do in order to get along with my mother-in-law. Initially she was very strict because she wanted to test me. I was really afraid. But now I think honesty is very important: I must always be sincere with her. I have told her about myself, and I hope that one day she will understand who I am. Thanks to my loyalty, we have grown closer and closer. Since we became intimate with one another, I discovered that she is an outgoing and kind person.”



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