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How do you stash your cash?

Karon Sok, 22, student at Asia Euro University
“I keep and save my money by playing Tong Tin with my classmates in university. I’m not afraid of others cheating me because I know the leader well; also, the members in the group are good people. I can collect on the same interest that I’d get from a bank. Although I’m taking a risk by playing the game, it’s easy to take out money whenever I need to. I’ve been playing for a year now; I pay US$30 each time I play.”

Khy Kimcheng, 21, student at Pannasastra University
“Although I don’t have an established career yet, I still need to keep my money safe. I feel confident keeping it at the bank, because it’s safe and I have easy access to ATMs when I’m shopping or need to take out money. Also, I can collect on interest while keeping my money at the bank. I do want to know more about and understand processes at the bank.”

Lim Ly, 22, employee at Hok Chhourn steel company
“I keep my money at ANZ Royal Bank. It’s a lot easier for me to a use a bank card rather than pay in cash. It’s modern and it’s cool, too. Also, keeping money in the bank is safe, which is great for someone who doesn’t like to take risks – like me. I also like that I can collect interest from keeping my money in the bank, and sometimes get a special discount while shopping.”

Prum Virak, 22, student at Royal University of Phnom Penh
“I don’t use a bank and instead keep my money on my own. Because I’m a student, I don’t have much of it; also, it’s easy to pay for anything when it’s urgent. Sometimes, keeping money in a bank can be inconvenient and takes up time. Keeping money on your own, however, is easy when it comes to travelling outside of Phnom Penh. But, when I do have a job and a good salary, I will keep my money in the bank.”

Neang Chamnap, 24, employee at the Ministry of Tourism
“I keep and save money in the bank, and I also keep money on my own – I split it half and half. With the money I keep in the bank, I don’t have to worry about losing it; I gain interest on it, too. With the money that I keep by myself, I have an easier time paying off urgent matters. Not to mention, it’s a bit easier to use than the money I keep in the bank. So the benefits are equal for me – I’d recommend giving weight to both options when deciding.”



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