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Koeut Mutita a Scout at Indarak Tevi High School

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Besides studying hard in her final year, Koeut Mutita, a smart student in grade 12 at Indarak Tevi High School, is vice-patrol chief of Scout Unity at the school.

And, at the age of 18, she is a member of Scout Unity of Phnom Penh Capital City as well.

In her quest to realise her dream of becoming a scout, Mutita has faced obstacles such as mocking by her friends that she joined Scout Unity to improve her behaviour and disagreeing with her parents because they feared it would adversely affect her studies.

Mutita, a young woman of good morals and strong character, says: “Because of my willingness, and my explanation to them that being a scout doesn’t have an adverse impact on my studies and allows me to help society, they have encouraged me.”

Mutita, who has been a scout for five years, not only makes her parents proud of her but earns the admiration of her friends as well.

As a scout, besides being a role model for other young people, she participates in many social activities such as Capital Clean environment programs, first-aid programs and traffic programs.

With traffic accidents becoming a bigger and bigger issue, Mutita also tries her best in her work, both mentally and physically.

Every Thursday, she and other scouts station themselves at traffic lights to inform travellers about traffic law and safe driving.

Mutita, who is blessed with patience and a knowledge of traffic law, says: “At first, I felt a bit embarrassed being among a lot of people, but after working hard to inform  travellers when they are wrong, and seeing them accept that and change their behaviour immediately, I feel so happy and confident.

“Even though I am young, I can help my society.”

Although Mutita doesn’t receive any money or public recognition for her work, she loves it.

“I really like being a scout. It teaches me to be socialised and strong, which helps me to make the right decisions in life,” she says.

“Through my work, I can not only help my society but be a good Khmer citizen.”

As a role model, Mutita has some suggestions for other young people.

“We should study hard, and do something society needs by avoiding any activities that might affect our social standing.

“For example, we use our free time for helping society, such as by being scouts.

“So we shouldn’t have any negative thoughts about being scouts, because it doesn’t have a bad impact on our studies. In contrast, it can help our society.”



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