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Pranks a dorm thing

There is a long-standing tradition of shenanigans carried out in dormitories across the West. One of the favorite activities of bored college students is to set up pranks to trick the other people in their dorm. While you can’t kick them out of your building, you can at least get them back for keeping you up last night. Here are some of the finer examples:

The upside-down room:
This one is pretty simple. Students buy massive amounts of crazy glue and turn all of their furniture upside down and stick it to the ceiling. It’s hard to believe that this actually works, but imagine the surprise on someone’s face when they walk in.

This trick involves taking the newspaper and taping it over the outside of someone’s door and then filling the space in between with Styrofoam or whatever is on hand. When the victim opens the door, the contents come spilling out onto the floor giving them quite a shock, and a mess to clean up.

An icy morning:
This one might not work in Cambodia, but in countries where the temperature drops below freezing in the night hours it is rather easy to execute. Once everyone has gone to sleep, students flood the bathroom with a thin layer of water and it freezes while they sleep. The first person to groggily step into the bathroom that morning will slip, fall and go sliding across the floor for a surprise ride.

Shampoo surprise
Most shampoo bottles are made so that you can’t see the contents inside, and thus they are ideal for a prank. There are stories of students being downright cruel with their choice of what to put in the bottle when their dorm-mate isn’t looking, but taking out the shampoo and replacing it with a condiment like ketchup or mustard does the trick. Pranksters will be sure to hear the unlucky bather screaming from the bathroom when his or her hair becomes covered in the unexpected substance.

The stinky fish
This one takes a while to take effect, but the victim will be frustrated beyond belief when it begins to work. Students take a fish and hide it in the most discreet and difficult-to-find location in their intended victim’s room. After a few days the fish will start to smell terrible. The unlucky recipient of the prank might mistake it for his own stench, but after a few showers they will be turning their room upside down trying to find the source of the smell.



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