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Run your business or work a job?

Nou Sophea, 18, student at Economic and Financial Institute
“I think that running our own business is better than working for a company or agency, because running a business is more independent, simple, and fulfilling. If we run our own business, we may not get blame or pressure from our boss or employer at all. We have more free time to rest after we finish our work or if we feel exhausted, so we do not need to care much about the holiday like employees do. Moreover, running a business gives us a lot of chances to show our abilities and talent.”

Chea Dara, 20, student at Norton University
“Running a business has a lot of advantages over employment because we are the owner. Every result comes from working hard and shows our success and our talent. Furthermore, running our own business makes us feel independent and free. No one could blame or pressure us. We have enough right and freedom to make decisions about what we like or what we think it is good.”

Sin Pisey, 17, student in grade 12 at Toul Tom Pong High School
“I want to run my own business rather than work as an employee even if there are some difficulties while running a business. We often get pressure from our employer. When the work or mission is completed successfully, everyone will say that it’s because of the good leadership and ability of the owner. However, if there is a small or big mistake, the problem or blame is put on the employee even though sometimes the problem comes from the boss.”

Thorn Rotana, 18, a student at Human Resources University 
“Both running your own business and working hard as an employee have good results. However, I prefer to run my own business, as I want to develop and challenge myself to new experiences in life. Even though there is a lot of difficultyand pressure in running a business, we may feel glad to see the final result that comes from our hard work and achievement”.

Heng Chamnap, 17, a grade 12 student at Sovannaphum School
“I want to run my own business, but I think that I should spend my first few years working for a company. In order to run a business successfully, we need experience dealing with challenges and problems. A good businessman not only has to take responsibility for many issues and duties, but he also has to be talented and skillful in leadership.”



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