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Searching for the hottest styles in Cambodia

Searching for the hottest styles in Cambodia

Hot kicks at Lida Fashion Shop

Fly shirts at the Ra Yut collection

Denim madness at the Ra Yut collection

With the arrival of hot styles from Korea, many Cambodian youths are ditching the Thai styles,” said Lida, the shop owner of the Lida collection. Perhaps someday Cambodians will begin styles of their own, but for now, Cambodian teens are continuing to take the hottest styles from overseas, with recent trends coming from South Korea.

Thailand set the standard for style for many years in the Kingdom. However, Thai-pop is quickly being replaced by K-pop, as TV shows and Korean movies have begun to dominate domestic airwaves. Cambodia’s commercial entertainment scene is growing, with stars Khemarak Srei Mun and Duong Zorida having established themselves as legitimate superstars. However, much of the entertainment in Cambodia is still being imported through televisions, mobile phones and computers.

While Cambodia’s youth still wear traditional clothes to weddings and cultural events, and uniforms to school, the city’s sleekest students have long been shedding their traditional garb for the hottest foreign styles as soon as school’s out. Now that Korean stars have a loyal following in the Kingdom, more and more students are buying the clothes and making themselves up to look like the sexy stars of their favourite TV show, movie or music video.

Eighteen-year-old Lim Sovan Socheat, a student from Pannasastra University of Cambodia, is wearing Korean-style boots with long jeans and a colourful T-shirt.

He says, “I only wear the style of Koreans, now that all young people are into Korean styles. If you don’t, it means that you are probably from the countryside.”

Mr Ra Yut (r:a yut), a well-known artist who is also the owner of Ra Yut Fashion, said that “Cambodian young women and men now try to mimic the styles of popular Korean singers, like 2NE1, a group of young and famous female singers, and 2PMA, a comparable group of young men”.

Occasionally, the youth still must wear traditional Khmer clothes. However, even at these conservative events you can still see styles slowly changing. The neckline of wedding gowns, which have long stayed at the neck, are now dropping a bit lower and exposing more of a woman’s body than before.

Dress codes are loosening at many international schools as well. However, many teachers still see the uniform as an essential part of being a student. “Regardless of what styles young people are wearing now, they have to see that what you wear to school is different from going for a walk or go to a party. We are strict at university,” said Yuk Searg, a professor of Khmer language at Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Hot styles for women: If it is the Korean style you are going for, here are some tips. A bright coloured T-shirt and Jeans with Korean sports shoes will make for a proper K-wardrobe. If you look round Phnom Penh’s bustling streets, you will also see women wearing long shirts with a pair of bright leggings and a pair of boots.

According to Lida at Lida Collection, about 30 percent of young customers are fond of wearing short pants or sexy clothing, while the rest tend towards Korean styles.

The fashion for men: The hottest style for men these days can be summarised in one word: tight. You can’t go wrong with a tight T-shirt matched with tight jeans and a sporty shoe, or even a pair of boots. Add a jacket or a hat, depending on the elements, and you are sure to impress anyone who looks your way.

La Reine fashion and modeling
10% - 50% off

Address: #57, Sihanouk Blvd, Chaktomuk district
Hot-style clothes for men and women are available at La Reine. There are beautiful dresses for parties or weddings, and suits and fancy shirts for men. You can also find trendy bags for women and luxury belts for both sexes.

Lida Collection
20% off

Address: Pencil supermarket, G150 & 151 and at Sovanna campus: No P43, Platinum Street
A variety of styles are available for women, including imported clothing. Boots, sneakers and the hottest Korean styles are available at Lida Collection.

Ra Yut Collection
30%-70% off

Address: Sihanouk Blvd, 200 metres from Yok Khoy Thoy High School & Kampuchea Krom Blvd, and about 100 metres from Sydney Supermarket
Ra Yut Fashion has two branches, one on Sihanouk Boulevard for both sexes and another on Kampuchea Krom Boulevard only for men. Open 7 days a week, the shop imports from Hong Kong and Korea, and specialises in fashion accessories such as necklaces, watches, belts and bags for young men and women.

Sokha Collection
Address: Golden Sorya Mall market: Store number # 33&34

The newest fashion shop in Golden Sorya Mall market near Sorya Shopping Center, Sokha fashion is specifically designed for young customers. A variety of Korean styles for both women and men are available, as well as women’s bags from Thailand, China and Korea.

Laurel Fashion Shop
10% off

Address: Number 12, Oknha Inn (St 136), Daun Penh district, and City Mall Store # G302
Laurel Fashion Shop stocks cocktail dresses, party dresses, wedding party dresses and dresses for any occasion. They also have skirts, shirts, pants and a tailoring service for traditional and modern outfits.


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