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From taxi driver to successful woman – in life, love and business

4 Hin Theany

As a successful businesswoman, Hin Theany, 38, is the owner of Pho24 Restaurant and is also the country director in Cambodia for the shipping company Mitsui OSK Lines. Since she was young, she said that she always tried her best to overcome any obstacle.

As the youngest child in a poor family, she always spent her free time selling junk food, candy, fruit and other snacks in order to help her parents.

After graduating from high school, Theany worked as a housekeeper, motor taxi driver,  and computer teacher in order to support her family. Then she had the chance to work for a shipping company, MOL, in 1996, and later on, she became country director of the company.

Even though she was very busy with her career, she didn’t give up her studies. As the result, she got a bachelor‘s degree and master degree in law.

“I always remember my unforgettable memories, especially when I was young, when I sold junk food everyday,” said Theany.

“It is my valuable experiences in my life that leads me to get results, like nowadays. Because of struggling in my honest careers, it helps me know that as human beings, we shouldn’t discriminate on something, and all jobs have their own values.

So I have to be able flexible in self-development.”

Due to the fact that she like doing business, she and her friends started a business together called the Paster grilled meat shop. Then she opened another business, Diplomat Café, in 2002, and it became developed into four branches.

“Setting goals clearly with our satisfaction, talent, and struggling is really important to reach successes in life. We must be able to catch the opportunities, and not feel discriminated against when we work simple jobs, and not feel shy and worthless.”

She and her husband have a son and live together in Cambodia. This love relationship, which has lasted since 2009,  has become more and more close, warm, and happy.

According to Theany, women must get better access to opportunities.

“Even though women involved in the society is increasing, it is still limited compared to other countries. In fact, Khmer women also have strong abilities like men. So women should be struggling and self-confident, but we shouldn’t feel hopeless.”

Theany also offered advice on how women should assert power at home.

“For a loving relationship, women play a very important role in making and keeping family happiness. We should take more time with family, and women should give motivation to our husbands, and obey their decisions. We shouldn’t expect to manage or keep money from husbands because they also need rights and independence.”



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