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The human brain is an amazing thing. But with the help of technology it can be even more incredible. Veng Rachana and Tang Khyhay went out to the Kingdom’s many shops to find the best electronic stuff to support you in your studies.

Electronic dictionary
Moving your eyes from one tiny word to another to find the one you are looking for in a pocket dictionary is not a terrible task, but it is bound to make your eyes tired after trying to make sense of a long reading assignment. So what can be done? Buy an electronic dictionary and you will find words in an instant and make your foreign language learning that much faster. The touch-screen Canatech MV 668 is one of the newest ones on the market and it contains 5 languages and 19 different dictionaries. Not only can you read the translation; you can listen to the native pronunciation of every word! Explore all of its functions and see how much it could help your studies.

USB pen
A student sitting in class without a pen is like a soldier fighting without a weapon in a war. A pen is used to note significant ideas, which will later remind students of what they learned in class, but with a built-in USB, you will have a whole new way of storing memory! Besides the notes you take in ink, a USB pen will let you save thousands of documents and pictures that you can retrieve with any computer. With a USB pen in hand, you will never miss a chance to take down information, whether it is in digital format or on a sheet of paper.

It used to be that buying a laptop was possible for only the wealthiest among us, but recently they have become much more affordable, with some new models selling for less than US$300 and used models less than that. With a laptop, you can do research, finish writing assignments, talk to your friends and entertain yourself anywhere that has WiFi. Since the number of restaurants, cafes and libraries with wireless internet has skyrocketed of late, you will feel a world of freedom as you access information from around the world, while sitting in your favourite spot in Cambodia.



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