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Welcome to LIFT issue 1

Welcome to LIFT issue 1

It is us, the students and young adults of Cambodia, who form the majority of the population, and it is us who will be the driving force behind the changes and improvements in all sectors of Cambodia’s development and preservation.

We’re thrilled that you are reading the first issue of Lift! But, let us assure you that the possibilities for this magazine are greater than what it is now, and its future is in your hands.

Rather than being a magazine that we create and you read every week, we want Lift to become a conduit for online and on the ground exchanges between upwardly mobile Cambodians. By promoting and serving Cambodian students and young professionals as they work to improve themselves, we hope it will also facilitate cooperation in the ongoing development and improvement of the Kingdom.

It is us, the students and young adults of Cambodia, who form the majority of the population, and it is us who will be the driving force behind the changes and improvements in all sectors of Cambodia’s development and preservation.

Our parents and grandparents faced the seeming impossibility of enduring and recovering from years of war, and now we have the opportunity to build on their courage and strength by using our freedom to help Cambodia reach its social and economic potential.

Rather than dwelling on the obstacles to development, our magazine will strive to connect young Cambodians with opportunities, both at home and abroad, to hone their own skills in order to become professionals capable of creating innovative solutions to the problems of today.

Besides being a weekly guide to the news, opportunities and issues within education and careers in Cambodia, we will provide an opportunity to communicate our experiences and goals, and work together to overcome the obstacles standing in our way. Send emails to [email protected] with any ideas, problems, suggestions or comments in order to begin building our online community.

We have chosen free speech as the theme for our first issue because it is through our ability to speak honestly about the issues that effect us at school, work or life, that we will be able to come up with ideas and best practices for how to solve these problems.

As Cambodia integrates into a global society and economy, we must be sure to look out for the interests of our country and our people. While foreign investment through commercial and social projects has helped Cambodia greatly in the past two decades, international involvement often comes at a cost. Only through the development of our own intellectual and financial capacity will Cambodia’s development be truly sustainable.

We are the future of Cambodia. The Kingdom’s role in the globalising world will be shaped by our ideas and decisions. However, our ability to build a better country for future generations depends on the actions we take now.

This magazine is for those of us who are willing to work towards a brighter future, those of us who are willing to put in the time today in order to make an impact tomorrow. We are not waiting for anything. We are upward bound!

Our Free speech thoughts...

I think free speech in Cambodia today is better, but limited in some cases such AS politics or corruption. Cambodian people can speak openly with their friends or relatives and every where if we compare it to the past, but it is a bit difficult to talk about political situations in public places”
Mom Kunthear, 29, reporter

Media is very important in our society. Firstly, it plays an important role in educating people. Secondly, it can entertain people. another thing is that we can write in order to inform people about particular problems and issues in our society.”
Tha Piseth, 20, intern

We are now part of the world society. When we see something that is wrong, we want to speak honestly about it. If we cannot speak about it, then what can we do?
Sovan Philong, 27, photogrpaher

e-mail your thoughts to [email protected]


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